Winter Solstice at Glastonbury

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So today is the winter solstice whereby tradition we go to chalice well in Wells. This time there were many people there, about 200 I would say, and at midday we all gathered round the well itself which had been dressed first thing in the morning with the most beautiful flowers and with the greatest amount of love.

I wish all the world was like chalice gardens. You can speak to anyone else without introduction. That is the way things are. You can share whatever be as you like but hopefully you will err on the peaceful side as people are rather sick of things like covid, 5G and Putin. I admit not to like it if there are too many people. I prefer to visit when the population is sparse.

We went with two friends from Bath on our traditional walk down the High Street not forgetting to go to Burns the Bread for sausage roll, various cakes and the most lovely coffee. We went to the goddess centre but found that to be in the same room as an icon would cost £25 plus a donation so we passed on that one. Whose idea that was? Not very wise and two greedy.

We were in Glastonbury from 11 in the morning until about 3:30. Blue sky throughout. At the start of the tour we went to see the museum of Rural Life where the current theme was working horses. I recommend this museum for high quality presentation. The annual cost of admission is £6.25 which means that once you’ve gone in you get a pass for going in for the whole year which must be one of the best bargains around. My only objection is the overpriced coffee at £3.30 for a latte.

Glastonbury is never the same no matter how many times you go. I met a chap in the High Street who was talking about Mark Passio. a lecturer in esoteric things. We visited the church of St John; there were about 24 Christmas trees inside, each one paid for by a different organisation. This is an open church where paganism and Christianity are equally accepted.

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