the dangers of being greedy

Sometimes,  the day routine is not very interesting. This includes tidying the house, sorting out the notes and papers as I mentioned above, watching snatches of TV, making lunch.  For years I have had indigestion which has resulted in my needing to take Omrazeprole. This need almost disappears when I refrain from eating bread, wheat to be specific and go to gluten-free bread or rice bread.  They also disappear when I don’t mix certain type of foods for example by having a vegetarian main course followed by high natural sugar sweet courses. The combination of the two does not work and my body tells me in no uncertain terms by rejecting it.

So it’s not the food itself so much as the mixture. I’ve also decided not to eat so much. At the age of 72 I still tends to eat like a teenager so at lunch today I decided to eat half what I would normally consume and as I write at 7 PM I’m still not hungry and have no signs of acid reflux. I think as we get older the capacity of the body to digests whatever is thrown at it diminishes. Healthy eating you could say is just a way of not abusing the body. I also tend to eat too fast, a habit I got from my father who would finish his meal before my mother had even started. if I masticate 20 times per mouthful it takes forever but my goodness is my stomach grateful because it’s not designed to break up large bits of meat.

Today is also video day because I’ve decided to make my son a website to promote his business. Not all my websites have been a success so if I can’t succeed for myself then I’ll do my level best to help my son to succeed. So long as success is within the family I don’t really care where it comes from.   I’m therefore mugging up on WordPress. I do have a certain problem with instruction manuals that have anything to do with computers or software. The people who write them are so in to the subject that they can see everything holographically. The problem is they miss out just one tiny point for example which file they are talking about, and the starting point for a particular action. As a result it’s all too easy to be sat there like an idiot not knowing what to do next and feeling stupid.

I find the best time to work is in the late evening when no one is around, there’s no hooting cars or ambulances or noises from the street and I can go into a timeless zone and actually get something done. I really don’t know how people manage to have to study for example for the Open University and have three children at home; they must get so tired.

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