too many things to do

Indifferent weather today, more like stay in than go out. I have just watched with my other half, Françoise, one of the most remarkable films I’ve ever seen of the power of music.  This is an Australian film where people with dementia are able to recall memories and become coherent in mind and body after hearing music which reminds them of an earlier time somehow bypassing the brain and reaching down into the circuits that are attached.  It lasts about half an hour and I invite you to watch it now.

Both Françoise and myself find ourselves frustrated about the sheer number of things we want to read, listen to, watch, perform, build, sort out and we don’t have full-time job so goodness knows what other people with full-time jobs are also creative must feel. I have no time to watch the good TV programs that I have recorded never mind catching  with the current ones. I was also watching a good documentary about the BBC, the so-called independent broadcasting Corporation that we have to endure in the UK. It was made by Scottish company showing how there was blatant interference by the BBC and its associates  of the Scottish independence referendum; how fake companies were created and paid for to give the impression of wanting to stay in the European union and how BBC interviewers were programmed to lie and twist the situation to make people afraid of becoming independent. I have always said that if you want real ‘hard’ news you watch Russia Today, if you want bias, propaganda and trivia you watch BBC ‘news’. If you can spare an hour, the link is here.

Wednesday i.e. two days time then we can consider booking based on better weather evidence.


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