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I have today finished creating a website which I only thought about doing on Saturday. Since then I have registered a domain name, chosen a template from Worpress, populated the site, had it checked by a friend and I’m now going to find someone to tweak the words.

I find it very satisfying to go from conception to birth in such a short time. I know I’m competing with 1 million other sites and it may not succeed in making its mark by the whole thing is such fun.  I was thinking also about success and failure. Sometimes we took it on an idea that seems good, then we find it’s more difficult than we thought, then we think the idea is perhaps is not as good as we thought, and then we make the mistake of thinking that we ourselves are crap shall we say. I’m sure that we are perfectly competent to do many things but sometimes the timing is wrong, sometimes the place is wrong, and sometimes for some strange reason it does not catch the public imagination.

If you read stories of people who made successful ideas they had no intimation that it was going to be a success. Google started with two guys in a garage. Google was originally invented as a back reference point for scientific articles and only became commercial. I know it took Edison about 200 goes before he made the light bulb so sometimes we just have to keep on and not beat ourselves up on the way.

It is a dismal and rainy day today. As English love talking about the weather and I know in Scandinavia this type of day would not cause a blink of an eyelid but somehow the whole of our country collapses when there is 1 inch of snow. Currently we have grey skies, rain, and blustery wind. Never mind, we have the glories of our log file which always raises the spirit. Life cannot be so bad when you are staring into a fire and it’s much better than central heating any day.

Alas, the local stationery shop is closing. They’ve been there for six years but the trouble is it’s in a side alley and they don’t get enough footfall to make it worth while. The lady who works there is going to have to find another job in an area where there are very few jobs more than cleaning or working in a supermarket. She is prepared to travel but the price of petrol four letter say a 20 mile round trip will eat into her daily pay. The trouble with the area that we are living in is that there is only so much money to go around so when the supermarkets come the local shops are abandoned and overall nobody benefits. It is very easy for the centre of the town to become full of charity shops and cafes; all that interesting shops for a niche market are disappearing. How nice it would be if the local council will give rates relief but that would set a precedent and everyone would be asking for it.

We were debating whether to go away this weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity for bargain breaks at hotels where you can get the same value for a third of the amount you pay in the summer.  Today’s thought was to go to Weymouth which is on the south coast of the United Kingdom. The price for three nights bed, breakfast and dinner is £79 a person including entertainment every night and drinks on a Saturday evening. If we were at home we probably spend £40 over the same period so the extra cost is about £120. However, all this is a waste of money if the weather is rainy. I don’t mind cold or wind but rain is depressing to the spirit and I don’t particularly care to walk along the seafront with rain stinging in my eyes. The alternative of courses to bring a pile of books and sit in the perfectly comfortable hotel, resist the temptation to look at my mobile phone every 5 minutes, and have some time to myself. Mind you, most of the time I have to myself anyway so there’s not that much difference. I shall keep an eye on the forecasts and if it’s good by Wednesday i.e. two days time then we can consider booking based on better weather evidence.

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