riding the wave of creativity


A dismal day, grey clouds and temperature struggling to get above 2°. We have decided not to go to Exmouth for a three-day break although the price is silly, three nights dinner bed-and-breakfast and £79.

I spent most of yesterday on the computer putting together a website for a relative who would be inviting people to be guided and acclimatised on visiting Sri Lanka. I find that creating a website is like any creative work, painting, writing the book, even cooking fine piece of food. It is as it is a piece of creativity that could sit like a painting in an attic or it could enter the public arena, do the rounds and draw people’s interest.

There are a phenomenal number of websites around and, without targeting your population (unfortunately with the need for pay per click in various forms)  no one will even know you’re there. I grant that with maximised SEO you will eventually progress up the pages but unless you’re very clever you will not get on page one without spending a lot of money. I understand that 60% of people only look at the first page.

It was very interesting making the site. I felt like a kid with a new toy. The energy that was around me practically wrote the thing itself and drove me on. I can understand why artists painting great works are impossible to live with because they are totally preoccupied with what they’re doing. You can visit my new baby  and try and pick up some of the enthusiasm.

I think creativity has its own rate of action. I registered a domain name on Saturday, 4 February, last Saturday, I wrote five key pages of text on Sunday, I advertised for people to help me with copywriting on Monday, I found someone on Tuesday I think from California, Wednesday I had the text back which I married with a new set of photographs and finished about five o’clock yesterday Wednesday 8th. I wanted to shout about it to everyone but of course the world has its own pre-occupations and it will be many months before the good news spreads forth throughout the world.

This morning was spent trimming back a very enthusiastic tree in the front garden. My wife hates anything being cut so I have to be very careful. Alas, stomach problems prevail and I need to visit the hospital have an endoscopy to see if I have a stomach ulcer though I suspect it’s more the combination of different types of food. As I get more senior it’s more difficult for the stomach to cope with various bits and pieces of food and drink I throw at it. I think my stomach deserves a medal for the way I haven’t used it however all good things come to an end and have rarely had to cut down on food quite a lot. So we’re going bland at the moment, no bread containing gluten, fish and vegetables and a little bit of cheese plus coffee in the morning that I shouldn’t really have.

My son has met a lady whom he is very fond of. He lives in a country where paperwork is given to local people rather than visitors from other countries and it requires great determination and oversight for these two to take a broad view over the whole matter and take challenges on together. As a father, I can only support him and not tell him what to do. I can give my views and telling him why but the rest has to be left with him otherwise it’s not his development. You cannot play a game of chess for someone and then expect them to become a better chess player.

Yet another announcement made that the National Health Service is suffering from lack of staff and too many patients. I can’t help thinking that this is part of a hidden agenda to privatise the health service and I can imagine that the big incorporates are licking their lips in the background. Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary is keeping strangely quiet. the trouble is that politicians are not trusted and they are not trusted because at a certain level they get nobbled by New World Order people, big corporations who want to foster their agenda on the public and advertise drugs. The Daily Express loves to talk about statins saying how safe they are and we don’t need to do any more research. if that’s not a setup I don’t know what is.

while I’m on the subject of health, I get sick and tired of people wanting to raise money for cancer research. If anyone dares to come up with a solution, they are attacked ad hominem, their practices are threatened and life is generally made uncomfortable for them. This is because there are few subjects more fear inducing them cancer and few diseases where such profits can be made. My readers need to understand that there is no compassion among these people. We in their eyes are lab rats. I understand that after five years have 2/5 new medicines are withdrawn the reason being that too many people suffer adverse effects. In America the pharmaceuticals very cleverly got the government to pass a bill indemnifying the companies against any malpractice suits.

The government themselves i.e. the tax payer, has two pick up the bill and you more or less had to stand on your head prove your case. This I find truly depressing and what is more depressing is that the general public retain this childish belief in the day fixed status of the doctor. The problem is he has never been trained in for example the role of alternative therapies, or what constitutes a safe study to see if a medicine is safe. the people who declare medicines are safe are so often people funded fired by the pharmaceutical industry. These people if they are faced with a study that shows harm being done, or simply manipulate the figures to diminish the significance of the results. One example is the relationship between NMR vaccine and autism. the corporate have control of the mainstream media so basically they can do what they like and they’ll get away with it but the fact is that newspaper readership is going down and the interest in Internet-based media is going up so one fine day the balance will be tipped.

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