My will and my eyes

A day full of unexpected action.  a man from a will company came along to help me write my will. Evidently only 52% of people have written a will and he told me about the problems that can arise when people die intestate. It is not true that your partner or the person you are living with, will inherit the money. I also heard about capital gains tax which is payable when the individual wealth is greater than £320,000. Anyway the conversation with him help me make up my mind as to who I was going to give money to, and who I was not giving money to. It’s interesting how I get inspired when people talk about the topic in general, and go halfway, and my brain does the rest. Extrapolating on this, if you want to solve the problem, you don’t necessarily have to concentrate on problem as you see it but about situations in general. The brain is the ultimate relational database and can work at lightning speed so we need to let it get on with it.

After lunch I was troubled with my eye which seemed a bit closed. My wife suggested, her words not mine, that we go to the hospital for a checkup before that I phoned up to see the eye department could take me as an emergency patient. As it happens my problems, with floaters etc, was considered temporary and I was told to effect keep taking the tablets, in this case eye ointment. I try to avoid going to hospital if I can possibly help it but I noticed that the post operative symptoms were different in this case and not enough of the safety boxes were ticked. I have after all only two

yes and they cannot be replicated so I better look after them.  I did my good Samaritan job. An older man has lost his travel card and was very nervous about getting on the shuttle bus service. I chatted with the driver and persuaded him to take him on anyway, it was not a difficult job and everyone had a laugh about it.

We then wandered into Bath and had a look at the YMCA room where I have decided to have my travel meeting. It is quite unusual for a group to be devoted to just one thing which is the sharing of travel experiences. How often have I heard, “if I knew then what I no now” how different things might have been. I have a very sharp eye for travel and particularly travelling at minimum expense so looking forward to sharing my experiences with the group and also looking forward to what they’ve got to say. I shall be creating a Meetup group shortly with the appropriate name. What a miserable day it was in Bath with the wind and the rain but I understand that this is a foretaste of a weather bomb called Doris that is going to visit the United Kingdom tomorrow Thursday so we look forward to that.

I had a call from a lady with multiple sclerosis who wanted us to help in the garden because she got episodes of dizziness which meant that standing was difficult. I know that ear problems can cause such dizziness but MS is another category . Most of our clients have physical difficulty of some sort, which is why they call us. Meanwhile at home, the fire is burning in the grate (quite a sensible place to have a fire I suppose) and we are eating our soup and watching the programme on the Royal Family.   Tomorrow, I start some physio to repair some of the damage I had in my accident in October.

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