a day of recovery


My wife and I realise that we do both need a day to recover from the holiday, delightful though it was. It is a shock to go from St Ives, Cornwall, to Somerset. As I said previously the drive was easy without traffic jams but to change environment does require some peace of mind for some time. I suppose it’s a bit like leaving a movie after a Shakespearean tragedy and then going to a violent movie with guns and killing people. I don’t think the brain is fully geared for this sort of sudden change.

I saw two gardening customers that I promised to visit but neither of them had a garden which is our sort of job. One of them was suffering from COPD which is a degenerative lung disease caused by smoking for which there is no cure. After walking three or four steps, he had to pause and take several breaths. The local hospital told them there was nothing more that could be done for him. He wanted regular mowing of the grass but we cannot commit ourselves to coming and it is unfair to promise to help someone and then let them down.

The other one wanted me to mow her lawn and clear a side area. There was no chemistry with her and I found that if there is no chemistry, the job will not go well and we will certainly not get the money that we require. People do not realise how much work is involved in doing their job properly for example to put gravel down on a bed you have to clear the bed to a depth of at least 3 inches otherwise the gravel will stick up above the level of the ground and look odd. I decided to put a quote in that is high so hopefully she will be put off.

We realised after these two visits that we were in no state to do anything so decided to switch our brains off and just go through the motions of doing household chores etc, and not making any demands upon ourselves. We might go and plant some potatoes this afternoon but that’s about it and of course the obligatory visit to Lidl which we normally do on Mondays and Thursdays where they change stock in their “Temptation Ally” section where new goods are to be seen, normally very good value for money. I have been seduced to make a purchase numerous times over the years.

Later…. two hours planting potatoes. The sun shining in all its glory. Forget everything else on the planet including False Flag operations, wars, squabbles, USA versus Russia, planet X, the end of the world, Monsanto, the New World Order, Tony Blair, paedophilia… all these take second place when it comes to planting potatoes, being in contact with nature, just been a simple human being like a bear with very little brain. Yes I am a Pooh Bear enthusiast still after all these years.

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