Happy Easter everyone

It’s that time of year again – celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. I tend not to go to church any more but this morning I did wake up with a particularly spiritual feeling, a feeling of peace, so I turned on BBC Radio Four and listened to the celebratory communion which was broadcast from Norwich Cathedral. I went to school for two years at Norwich School so I am familiar with the Cathedral.

There is a medieval celebration going on in Glastonbury today but I decided that anything involving queues of cars, trying to park, mixing with crowds, was the last thing I wanted to do.

Françoise and I agreed that we spend the day in quietness, reading, watching good videos, pottering around, making a decent meal to have at lunch time and that will do me just fine. Since we are in the self-employed category we don’t have to observe holidays since every day is a holiday or can be if you choose it.

I’m watching a quite horrifying series on vaccinations. 46 vaccinations of 16 different types of vaccines are given by the time a child resident in the USA is 5 years of age.  Funny, I thought we had an immune system which given half a chance would develop and help protect the body against depredations of viruses. There is talk in the USA of finding people $250,000 if they refuse for their children to take vaccines.

There is a world of difference between taking something by mouth and taking something by injections. Materials such as mercury and aluminium can lodge in your brain and cause all sorts of long-term damage including learning disorders, autism, attention deficit syndrome. I do not understand how human beings can knowingly do things to each other like this. There is a rather good quote saying that “statistics do not lie, but statisticians do”. You can prove anything you want by eliminating certain streams of data. if I was taking evidence on say the relationship between NMR vaccine and autism, I would remove from the evidence any studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

There are a ton of good programmes on the TV this evening but we shall sit and read and just be quiet in front of the fire.  Nice.


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