Do you look or do you see? Frome under the microscope

somewhere behind this growth are bushes. I reckon there’s a good 10 years of growth here

We went to see a new garden job above – a stripped out bungalow down a very narrow lane. My job would be to clean back all the growth. The problem is not the growth but the means of getting rid of it which would require at least six trips with a fully loaded car. Customers have no idea about the cost of getting rid of something. They think it will disappear by some sort of magic. The customer says he has a friend who will arrange for disposal. I’m going to ask him to agree with his friend before giving a quote.

Trip to Frome – my wife  goes there regularly for acupuncture treatment. It was necessary for me to drive there in our hire car so I thought we would make the most of it.  We as tourists or travellers are conditioned to looking for the biggest and the best when it comes to exploring our surroundings. I suggest that we maybe are doing ourselves a disservice. In the United Kingdom at any rate most of the towns and villages and of course cities are very old and underneath, almost lurking, behind the modern appurtenances we find history. This can be very thought provoking and educational.

I’m going to take you around Frome, which is a small town in Somerset and perhaps encourage you to open your eyes and not take things for granted. almost everything you see has a history

In case you are thinking of moving to Frome, the historical houses are horrendously expensive, have small gardens and are on a hill. The parking is difficult but there is a lot of culture and many people love it. There are two theatres and a cinema which is quite remarkable considering the small size of the population. They also have a local radio station situated in the Old Fire House.

Westway Cinema Frome
the local cinema are supported in the most part by volunteers
films showing on 22 August 2017 Ctrl+ to view
this looks like a bishop and it has been incorporated in one of the normal railings
I love flowers outside pubs but I think this one is overdoing it a bit
a lovely old Spring with pure water coming therefrom
In a milliner’s. Interestingly the papier mache heads are made out of newspaper with Swedish printing
this street rejoices in the name Cheap Street. What do you think of this gullet was for? Was it to supply water or to remove foul water certainly not human waste.
a delightful and personal collection of stones and artefacts
this is a community noticeboard. Someone could come to live in Frome not knowing a living soul and yet by taking advantage of the messages on this board get themselves a full social life Ctrl and + to read the notices.
definitely a lively evening
a community agriculture come allotment idea
a town map outside the library Ctrl and + to read.
a slightly odd work in metal but it’s different
a canoe racecourse, something for the children and adults
Read this article with great care. This appears in today’s Times, 22nd of August 2017 and to me it asks more questions than it answers. We have assumed until now that the best contact in face-to-face but maybe there has been a change in mindset

8 pm – My wife rang up a friend called Anne. A gruff voice answered. He said ‘what do you want?’ She said ‘I want to speak to Anne. She is a friend of mine. He said ‘we are having supper’. My wife said, ‘please tell her…..’ The voice put down the phone. No wonder Anne is depressed with a partner like that. I hope I don’t get him on the phone otherwise he would have an ear-full.

The fear of fire, the fear of everything really


Sunday 21 August 1664

Worth quoting his diary in detail

(Lord’s day). Waked about 4 o’clock with my wife, having a looseness, and peoples coming in the yard to the pump to draw water several times, so that fear of this day’s fire made me fearful, and called Besse and sent her down to see, and it was Griffin’s maid for water to wash her house. So to sleep again, and then lay talking till 9 o’clock. So up and drunk three bottles of Epsum water, which wrought well with me.

Yesterday was the day of the eclipse in the USA and people speaking about the experience of darkness which they likened to a religious high. The one eclipse I have witnessed was very much like night-time in north Finland in Midsummer. Everything is grey, not completely dark but eerily devoid of light, weak, no power “it shouldn’t be like this”. I think the word is ‘wan’, as in ‘the wan dawn light’. In human beings, the term is used to give the impression of illness or exhaustion. the word ‘pale’ doesn’t quite do it. You can be pale with shock but not wan with shock.

For me yesterday was for the most part unproductive. I tried to finish my speech which is due in a couple weeks time but nothing went. I just stared at the papers. I have prepared two versions which I printed out and showed it to my wife. I decided that since nothing was coming I might as well give up so we at some time hanging out and watching TV. I recently invested in Internet radio which means you can get thousands of channels from programs throughout the world should you have the time to do so. It is a bit hit and miss because sometimes radio stations are broadcasting and sometimes not but if you want to hear rock ‘n’ roll from some obscure city in Ohio, or South Africa then you can do so.

Off to the garage to check the progress of my Volvo repair. The car would only fetch about £500 so I don’t want to spend a fortune on it. On the other hand it is a good and solid bit of kit before they started making Volvos in China as they are doing with everything these days so the investment is worth it.

Fear is contagious. The recent fire has obviously spooked everybody. We’ve have this ridiculous spate of events in the world of people in vans driving on the pavement and running down pedestrians. I saw the driver chap in Barcelona, Spain that was killed by the police because he showed them what could have been an explosive jacket. he looks like a kid, 22 years of age I believe. I don’t know whether these people are hypnotised or what.

Fear has been used to control people for ages, the threat of withdrawal of life or freedom or food will get people to do virtually anything. I like these quotes on fear

I forget where I saw this:  Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” Nothing in life is to be feared.

I can remember times when I had needlessly been afraid of doing something and once I actually did it, the person or situation concerned is often quite glad to have my input. It was all in my own mind. I must admit I’m a person who doesn’t like confrontation and even finds it difficult to read official letters. When I receive an e-mail I know the tone of its content even before I click on it to open it. My stomach flutters in an unpleasant way. I do not enjoy that experience but I suppose it’s part of being sensitive or a sensitive should I say.

This is a rough-and-tumble world with more than a tinge of aggression which I suppose is part of the fight for survival. This is partly due to lack of spiritual security in other words you think that you are a mortal body with an (eternal) spirit attached rather than a spirit with a body attached. The latter will bring a security that the former cannot. Sometimes I think we just have to get off our backside and go along and make a difference if we can. If we get bruised then we will survive. In some new situations where I have been particularly nervous, I have been comforted by the thought “the worst that can happen is nothing”.

Deep down everyone wants to be loved and valued so if you go along to your difficult contact or meetings that may help.

The major part of my diary today is about a visit to Frome.