Sunday Pt. 2 – the local Cider and Ale Barn

We discovered this jewel about four years ago and it is now part of our Sunday routine when we go to the boot sale in Cheddar. (see previous entry). It is not a ‘pub’ but an ‘import’ from somewhere like Australia. The Cider Barn is presided over by the ever characterful Jason who works the most horrendous hours and is universally liked by the mixed clientele that appear at the door.  Cyclists, tourists, local colourful characters, farmers – you name it.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

BS27 3RU don’t drive too fast or you will miss it.
the bar area as seen from the door
side wall (use Ctrl and + to enlarge)
one of the most unpleasant physiognomies I have ever seen.
NO chemical produced rubbish beer
and many local groups
free library
The Guinness campaigns were masterly “Guinness is good for you”
another seminal ad. situated in the back room of this establishment

Oh and they do offer a selection of hot food. It is cooked on the premises and microwaved. The dishes are served with a very large doorstep of bread. There is an outdoor sitting area for smokers and sight seers. The ciders are to die for.

My wife insisted on driving us onward afterwards even though I only had a pint.

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