Limbo dancing – greedy deer

Tuesday 27 September 1664

To-night Mr. T. Trice and Piggot came to see me, and desire my going down to Brampton Court, where for Piggot’s sake, for whom it is necessary, I should go, I would be glad to go, and will, contrary to my purpose, endeavour it, but having now almost 1000l., if not above, in my house, I know not what to do with it, and that will trouble my mind to leave in the house, and I not at home.

Surely they had banks at the time although the banking system was by no means developed so why did Pepys keep money at home? I must investigate this some time. 🙂


So, my letter of resignation as Patient Representative to the Hospital Trauma Unit was sent. Before sending it I talked with my wife about all sort of mitigatory circumstances that would undermine my decision. In view of the fact that I had volunteered 8 months ago and there was not even a suggestion of a remit indicated to me a lack of will, and possibly a threat from an outside person who might expose weaknesses in the system. On balance we decided that as there had been so many problem before a start was made, this did not auger well for the project itself. It may or may not have been the ‘right’ decision but I cant hang about for ever waiting for people to respond when I do not sense the will. In other words I am not begging for someone to take notice of my offer to work voluntarily.


Off to another meeting this afternoon. I offered help to a community in the form of newsletters, maintaining websites, and gardening. I was asked to focus on gardening. Alas, the local deer feel that they own the property and all that grows on it, so when you grow anything with leaves you are more or less feeding them. If I were to take on that job I would have to commit for at least a year and I don’t know if I can do that.
In general, volunteering for anything is fraught with problems. What do you get back for your efforts apart from the warm glow of satisfaction? I am happy to work for nothing for a charity, but not for a business. The venture I visited was a scrap metal and recycling business albeit with a large emphasis on the use of scrap metal for art installations and works.

There is a slight vacuum left by my resignation this morning but since there was nothing on the table, the feeling is a lack of aesthetic result only. I do not feel bad as I worked my socks off to demonstrate my abilities including making a brand new web site (and paying for it), designing and printing an invitation card, and making copious analytical notes as to how patient support could proceed post-discharge. I shall think twice before throwing myself into something in the future. I hate not being able to trust people.


My bank, the Co-op has been down all day today so no online activity can take place. One thing you cannot do is to save money through hiring inexperienced people. Three million customers cannot be let down. If this happens again I shall look around for another bank. I hear First Direct is very good.

I give the day 6/10 and – there was sunshine for at least three hours.  The next band of rain is due tonight. Blame the precocious Jet Stream.


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