B*** S*** in Vegas – Centres of happiness: Peasedown Post Office

Sunday 2 October 1664

…. My wife not being well to go to church I walked with my boy through the City, …..This evening came Mrs. Lane (now Martin) with her husband to desire my helpe about a place for him. It seems poor Mr. Daniel is dead of the Victualling Office, a place too good for this puppy to follow him in. But I did give him the best words I could, and so after drinking a glasse of wine sent them going, but with great kindnesse. Go to supper, prayers, and to bed.

The least you can do is to encourage someone, no matter how bad their circumstances. Their opinion of themselves in particular and human nature in general is probably pretty low. Sometimes you have to be creative. I was on a very delayed flight to LA (fog, pilot out of hours) and must have been looking depressed. A very nice African-American man came and complimented me on my shoes. That was a first! As it happened I had bought a new pair shortly before and it was nice of him to notice. Believe it or not that cheered me up. He did not have to do it. He just spotted a need.


And now, for something completely different.

<WARNING – occasional political rant> I  don’t know how so many presumably aware people can fall for this nonsense in Las Vegas. Most Americans are so brainwashed and frightened that they will believe anything they are told, though this is changing thank goodness. Thank you, the Internet. Within 2 days, 170 videos were posted on YouTube pointing out holes in the official story. Now where have I heard that happening.

AMAZING. Not one but TWO shooters. Two lone gunmen together makes .. umm. a pair of loners?

So we read / are told that a pensioner repeatedly fires a highly specialised fully automatic gun out of a 32nd story window in a hotel killing we are told about 60 people at a pop concert and wounding up to 500 others.  Simple eh except for a few minor questions.

  • How did a man in his 60’s manage to get 23 bulky firearms past security in the hotel and up the elevators without anyone noticing. He also had to drag up enough ammo to wound 500 people if they did suffer this fate.
    * All of those hotel windows are unopenable and alarmed for security reasons (attempted suicides and other delightful reasons). He would have had to break the window in order to start firing. No alarms went off?
    * Why were there no images of the hoard of guns when the police love trumpeting such pictures for publicity purposes.
    * What an amazing shot this untrained man had to hit people 500 yards away, now apparently assisted by others firing from the opposite direction.
    * What about reports of other gun flashes (illustration above) coming from half way up the tower and concert goers reporting multiple shooters.
    * Why were the floodlights from the music show turned on the crowd after the start of the shooting?
    * Why was a woman removed from the concert after running round 45 minutes before telling the concert goers that they would all be dead?
    * and why did it take the SWAT teams one hour yes one hour to break into the guest room occupied by the shooter after being informed by a police officer where his room was.

If you are not up to speed, this is all about getting the population to give up their guns (second amendment rights) which is a necessary prelude to the militarization of America. With 300 million guns in use in USA that is a tall order. The Powers that Be must produce fake events or as us fact finders say “False Flags”. Their problem is that the more affeared the population are, the more they will want to have guns to defend themselves. That’s a no win situation.

As I always say, Don’t believe a word I say.  Check it out for yourselves. NB Wednesday 4th October there are 68,200 returns on Youtube ‘vegas shooting‘ up from 170 the same time yesterday Tuesday. Try this clip.

Anyway, this has little to do with Somerset so back to local matters. <rant over>


Who would think that a humble branch post office in Peasedown St John should be on my radar. It is so important that each and every one of us realises that we can influence tens if not hundreds of people for the good, make their day or at least a difference to it. Such were the two people behind the counter. The main on the left who dealt with post office business, had an inexplicable aura which made me feel welcome. I was able to joke with him. He joked that my money envelope would give given to his female counterpart  ‘to store in her drawers’ which were the safest place. Of course there is a double entendre but it was said so innocently and dare I say joyfully that no one took offense. I felt that anyone going in the establishment would be cheered up by these centred, cool and funny people but the great thing is this. They were not trying to be funny.  We had none of this mechanical ‘how are you doing’ or’have a nice day’. This was not necessary. They were just them, loving the act of serving the public.  What a tonic.  All I went in for was to pay in a cheque.


Went to my local Restaurant in Bath, Jimmys. I did not recognise any of the staff. Evidently the standards had been going down so management decided to completely replace the staff with new people. You could call that a ‘root and branch’ approach. I would have tried to communicate with the existing workers but then that’s me being old fashioned.  It was 1.30 on a Tuesday and there were only about a dozen customers in the whole place.  I hope my staple diet supplier is not going to go west. I did talk with the manager and had said that they were going to try new ideas little by little. I said they could always rely on me for positive feedback.


My knee is troubling me again so a proposed holiday to Morocco has had to be cancelled. I can walk about 200m then the left leg tends to lock up. I did not even think of my knee, took it for granted you might say, until it gave trouble..


I sent out invoices to my allotment people this evening. I don’t like to use automated methods as I like to put personal notes on the communications where necessary. I loathe impersonal actions in general as I feel they devalue our individuality.

And so to supper and to bed, probably to read. Being in bed is one of my  most comfortable experiences, womb-like almost. I read last night in bed about a survey of ‘simple pleasures’ – the top pleasures that make Brits happy.

A kiss and cuddle (56%)
Laughing with others (54%)
Clean sheets (38%)
Stroking a pet (30%)
Getting a bargain (25%)
Receiving a compliment (24%)
Finding money (21%)
hearing from an old friend (21%)
Ding a good deed i.e. helping someone with a child (??)  (19%)
Having a lazy Sunday (18%)

Make of that what you will.

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