a prize for the most personal greeting ever

This is a cartoon done by a politically incorrect American cartoonist called Ben and when I saw it I knew that I had to have this on the homepage of my website. I had to get permission so wrote off and three hours later the permission was granted.

I’m celebrating today because everything with the new 5G – fifth generation website that I started on Sunday morning is complete for launch. We have a fully working and populated website, a flyer which I had designed in India and which has now been printed and will arrive shortly, we have a mailing client all ready to receive people who sign up.

I cannot over emphasise the importance of responding to inspiration at the moment it comes. When I’m driving with my GPS, and it’s his turn left, if I leave it for a bit I miss the turning. Inspiration knows exactly when all the doors are open and pops the idea into your mind. You have to trust like a blind person trusts a guide dog. The point is that if you get the right timing, you’re fed by the energy of the universe and you are not worn out. You go into a timeless zone and everything gets done without you being aware of the passing of time.


I am a fan of Saga Holidays. I find their prices a little bit high but today I got notification of the Deal of the week by e-mail. The e-mail was addressed as follows:
Mr M3XghZpOxQBwKPT FvXMy pys Q5F6zvDlDw3q3xeet1uk%3D
see our deal of the week

How could I resist the offer made with such a personal overture. It reinforces my suggestion that any time mail outs are done you always send a test copy and see whether the intended result comes out the other end as you planned.


Today, for for my monthly macular eye test. I had a slight deterioration of the left eye that means there is more water where there should be no space at all. I learn something about deaf people. The doctors come into the main reception area and call people’s names. The couple were sitting on the corner, the wife was looking nervously. She thought her name had been called, started to get up, and then sat down again. I went to visit to the doctor and told her that this indeed was the lady and she was slightly nervous about getting up. Not hearing clearly had definitely affected her confidence. It is necessary to speak loudly and clearly to people, looking at them sometimes and not treating the death person as someone who is idiotic. I think people need to be trained in this It is not a skill that comes automatically.



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