Dark times ahead

I find the implications of 5G technology most depressing, and I don’t use that word lightly. You can see that I have devoted a website to it. The powers that be that have run this world since Egyptian times, albeit through many reinventions and reincarnations have decided that we are little better than lab rats and treat us as such. I don’t know whether you realise this but microwave energy, 5G, is the same energy that constitutes war weapons. I remember that an experiment had been done in one of the Middle Eastern countries using microwaves which were directed against a bus full of people. Full power was turned on and if people were killed being reduced to half their original size, rather the same as happens when you put something in the microwave oven.  The people who ran this if I can call them people described the experiment as a success.

Would it surprise you to know that the same type of people are running this planet. All they want is control. Part of the reason for 5G is eugenics that is population control. This is done by damaging the reproductive apparatus in human beings, in the case of the male, the genitalia. It is interesting that in iPads, the transmitter and receiver is at the base of the iPad which is the nearest to the said genitals. There may be a few people left who say “they wouldn’t do that would they?” Answer?  yes, if you’re a psychopath or sociopath. Would you think twice before killing a rat? This is how they see us human beings.

The installation of 5G telephony is taking place throughout the world at great speed. Please note that it is not at the wish of the public but at the wish of the corporates who want to use this technology to track us, to know what we’re doing in our homes, to know what appliances we turn on  in order to sell the information to advertisers, but above all to induce in us at will a given state of mind. The transmitters need to be placed in grid fashion every 600 feet or so and the technology is capable of tuning into our minds and inducing certain moods, educing states of mind being anger or apathy. This will affect everyone and there is no way to hide. I don’t think the scientists who create this realise what they’re doing, rather like the people who invented and developed the atomic bomb realise what they were doing. It was only after the event that the truth dawned.

If that is not enough reason to be depressed or is concerned then I don’t know what is. My feeling is that the people near where I live, Bath will not tolerate the cutting down of their wonderful plane trees which are as much a part of Bath as the Georgian buildings as I think I’ve said before in these diaries.

With so many trillions of pounds being invested it is difficult to know how we can prevail against this; maybe the world is going helter-skelter towards self-destruction and planet is doomed. Those of you who have read history will know that living beings have destroyed many civilisations of which they had been a part but mother nature, being in control, has provided the continuity for man to rise, fall, and rise again. I think we need to take a very long-term view here, and this is considerably helped by any belief we can summon in reincarnation or the continuity of the soul. I have read 40+books in reincarnation now that I’m totally convinced so if I ascend from this mortal coil tomorrow I would find myself excited and not afeared. I would hope that people who are closer to me would also pass at the same time because I would not like to be without my partner or she without me.


Tomorrow, we are going to the famous Bath and West show and so tomorrow evening this diary will contain the most amazing selection of photographs. If you look back to my diary at the same time last year when we also went you will witness my impressions, but I’m sure the images I will be impressed with this time will be different.

I have just spoken to a friend who has been battered and bruised recently by the loss of a business. She has told me about another job that could be ideal for her. It is very important at an interview and beforehand not to exhibit old baggage because everyone is entitled to a new start and she may have so-called ‘failed’ on this that or the other basis but I would regard these as a learning experience which if it has left the psyche intact does not have to be a handicap.

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