Film Review ‘The Bookshop’

I love Bill Nighy, an enigmatic performer who completely melds with his character. The story is about a widow who decides to open a bookshop in a sleepy village and the opposition she meets along the way but also involving a close and understated relationship with the recluse played by Bill.

We watched this film on a boiling hot day together with about 10 other people in the Little Theatre, Bath. What I like most of all was the slow pace of the film where there was not continual dialogue, drama, violence, but we were given the chance to feel our way into the film and identify with the characters or the situation. It reminds me of the ridiculously fast pace of the world and how I ask myself are we supposed to retain our composure in such an environment. The above is more an observation than a review so check out the full one on IMDB.

Owl theme composed of flowers in Bath

At this time of year, Bath is overrun with tourists listening to their guides with varying degrees of attention so we escaped and left for home where I watched a video on the theory that direct energy weapons were responsible for all files that are interestingly and curiously breaking out at the same time with particular reference to the fires in Greece. Before you grumble, a fire does not melt the engine of the car and cause a vehicle to turn up side down. The US Air Force submitted many patents for weather control and planned to have total control of world weather by 2025 and here they are doing it. In case you haven’t realized it, weather is a war weapon. See video.


Prior to that I chose to go for an extra visit to the eye clinic at RUH In part because of extra symptoms I was getting with my left eye. Because I was in a different stream, I was seen by a doctor who was unfamiliar with my case and specialized in glaucoma not macular. His insight was very helpful in that he did not know the details of my case but was more aware of the degenerative processes in general. He explained that if over nearly 3/4 of a century cumulative damage had occurred it could not undo itself; the job was to maintain usability of the eye. I asked him about taking supplements and he said for the outlay it would surely be a good investment.

He told me about a protocol by the name of AREDS II which includes Lutein and Zeaxanthin which I should incorporate and reminded me of using common sense with regard to wearing sun glasses in bright sunshine. All obvious stuff but I need to be reminded.

I had cause to reflect on advice. Two people can say the same thing and on one occasion and not able to take it in and on another occasion I am able to take it. I think it’s the time, the place, the environment, the juncture of your life, the state of receptiveness you’re in at the time all play a part.

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