Hysteria over a hurricane – a new feature for the garden

So after promising that hurricane Florence would be the worst in 10 years and would come on to N and S Carolina with full force 5, now it has diminished to a force 1 with mostly tides, wind and rain to cope with. This is one sure fire way of controlling people – make them afraid. Use any means – the threat of terrorism, the weather, possibility of famine and ramp it up so much that people cannot think straight.

However there is more to this. You may not believe that someone would deliberately create a hurricane but we do not live in a pretty world. Most of my readers have heard of the Canary Islands. One of them is Tenerife. The video includes a strange structure in the extreme south of the island. This guy is 100% for science but US patents are US patents so see for yourself.

I had a fun day with my son who has returned from a period of TEFL teaching in Sri Lanka. I felt like spoiling myself so I bought a small stone work which I shall call ‘a bird in the hand’.