Things to be grateful for

It seems that this havoc was created not by the tsunami itself but by the liquification of the ground where it turns into a sort of slurry and simply buries buildings or moves them at its own will. how on Earth this mosque apparently moved into the sea is beyond my understanding but it does remind me of the transitory nature of this life and how we should never take anything for granted. As we move into this more dystopian face, which could be the final phase, of the history of this epoch I reflect on the things that I can be thankful for.
good health (relatively)
functionality in other words two arms two legs, the ability to get around
good eyesight and hearing
a secure place to live without overcrowding
supply of water, gas and electricity
a place where I can walk around without fear
the means of earning a living
friends that I can rely on in times of need
good communication with other people in the virtual world
enough bread to put on the table and a little bit for holidays and luxuries if I need it
the opportunity to participate in meaningful work as I see fit
the ability to express my personal and political views without being imprisoned, though this is changing alas
the right to access medical care in the event of need.

I was listening to a program on the world service of the BBC called outlook which features real people and real situations and there was this chap who was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia I think it was on the full stars that he murdered his wife. He was imprisoned for 2 years in a small cell about 3 m by 2 m with 5 other people. He was 6 ft 4 in height and found it difficult to either stand or lie down. He had half an hour out of the cell per day in order to wash, do his ablutions, and exercise and yet his great faith and spirit enabled him to carry on on his release. He trained as a lawyer, goodness knows how, and gave advice to other people in his situation of how to appeal for a release. We have no idea what the term suffering means.

I am suffering, if I can use that word, from electrosensitivity at the moment when I feel sick when I sit at my computer for longer than a certain amount of time, and even when I hold the mouse, I get prickles in my left hand. I’m trying to diminish the effect of the fields. That is a minor inconvenience compared with the man above.

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