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True, this is America but the same principles apply to UK and anywhere else. there is NO benefit from having vaccinations. Best to keep our immune system healthy through keeping our pH as close to neutral as possible, and having health habits. Vitamin C does no harm at all.

do please watch this video because you will see how completely heartless and cynical the industry is.

I woke up quite early, I think it was about 6:30 a.m., to hear that Gatwick Airport was closed down due to the presence of drones that kept appearing and disappearing. I went on my favourite site, flightradar24.com and saw for the first time ever a number of what look like little boxes moving around the airport, I think there were 10 of them..

With hundreds of flights arriving and departing every day, London Gatwick is in the worst mess I have ever known and it must be costing the industry tens of millions of pounds. I hope people are insured because the companies are not obliged to give reimbursements if the situation is beyond their control.

I was watching the news at about 4.30 pm wondering if my dowsing skills could be used. For those of you that do not know, dowsing is for example about finding water and oil using the power of your mind and a stimulant or adjuvant like a pendulum. I am actually quite good at doing dowsing to find people or enquiring about their health.

I received quite a strong impression on tuning in to the unknown person and asked a number of questions. How far were the perpetrators away from the runway? I got at least 400 m and definitely to the west. I pulled up the area using Google Earth and discovered a large hedgerow which separated two fields which was about that distance away, to the west of the runway, and which would give good line of sight to what was actually going on. This would be ideal for a perpetrator.

It takes quite a lot of courage to ring the police so in the first instance I posted a Twitter message to the airport and was told that they could not do anything but I should contact the police. They gave me a reference number. I called 999, and was told in fair but firm terms that I should call 101 and give my details there. After 20 minutes waiting and listening to recorded messages I eventually got through, quoted the reference number that I was asked to give, and give my details including latitude and longitude of where I thought this person was.

I told the call centre that I did dowsing and that I did not expect to be believed but nevertheless had a duty of care to report what I found. I found the whole thing quite nerve-wracking particularly when my body told me that I found something of importance. They asked me my name and phone number as you would expect and if I don’t hear from them again I will not be surprised.


My stomach is well today thank goodness, the bloating feeling is over and I have been having a diet of soup which suits me down to the ground. a quiet evening watching TV. I am being booked to have an endoscopy which I may have any way although I feel better because something is causing all this mayhem.

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