To a party – and thoughts about some women


Strangely from the timing point of view, we have been invited to a party which starts at 3pm this afternoon. The time and space without pressure at this juncture of the holiday period gives me the opportunity to reflect on certain matters. We are seeing increasing insanity with regard to the play between sexes as I’ve mentioned before and I am going to use this peace and quiet period to record my views for all posterity on people in particular and women in general.

First off, I enjoy the company of men and women equally  but for different reasons. There are many women in my daily life that I have the pleasure of meeting from time to time. However, I find a difference between someone who is female and someone who is what I call a ‘real woman’. In Glastonbury there is the Goddess Centre where Gaia, the spirit of the Earth and the creator, is revered. When we go to Glastonbury we always go in there to have a sit because the atmosphere is so good.

On Friday, the day of the winter solstice, I was sitting there and the lady receptionist came into the meditation room (or should I say stood at the door) and said that they had to close early because there was no one in charge. What struck me was the way she spoke. She realised that she was bringing what was probably a time of meditation to a close prematurely and deferred to this in the form of a slight bowing of the head and acknowledging the unfortunate nature of the situation. I responded immediately with a smile and a joke by cooperating.

I would like to tell you what I find among the women that I see around the Goddess Centre. They don’t have a point to prove. They know that they represent a powerful creative Force. They know they represent mother nature. They know they can bring new life into the world. They know they are blessed with the enhanced perception and intuition that many women have. They know they are complementary to men who have the physical strength to do things that women cannot do so easily. They know that the God and goddess reside within the male of the species also. There is no anger, there is no reactivity, there is gentleness, there is peace, but you wouldn’t want to mess with any one of them in fact it would not be necessary.

I reflect on what I often see in the outside world. I see females prostituting themselves, taking advantage of their physical attraction to the average male, selling their soul for a few moments of fame, emphasising their breasts, plastering themselves with too much makeup trying to imitate some pop star or another. I see them devoid of manners and respect of all males perhaps they don’t have much respect for themselves. In the minds of these angry people especially the politicised ones, all males are potential rapists. I could as well say that all females are potential seductresses denying their responsibility for a result when it suits them. It is very seldom that I meet someone who is what I call a proper woman. In the presence of these angry volcanoes called females I feel uncomfortable and marginalised but in the presence of ‘proper women’ I feel empowered and full of joy especially when conversation occurs which indicates mutual respect.

My conclusion is that the majority of these people have either had bad relationships with their father or a bad experience with the boyfriend or perhaps a boss and instead of seeking professional help they gather together like a swarm of wasps attacking men on the principle that attack is the best form of defence. I think the media are doing absolutely dreadful job in reinforcing these stereotypes. If I ever came into a lot of money, I would promote unity of people principally by publishing good news about achievements both by men and women.

With regard to human beings in general, I think most of us are the walking wounded because we have suffered in some manner or another. When in public I try to be as forgiving as possible to behaviour that may have been caused by events that happened a long time ago and from which people cannot make a break. I have had to learn the hard way not to trust people because I want a trust them but trust people because they have earned my   trust and for this a period of time has to elapse.


Post party

The party was hosted by a lovely couple. The wife is an artist; husband is a teacher and they have two lovely girls – one left home working & living with her boyfriend.  A lot of neighbours and mates came and we were in the minority because we lived some distance away. We met a couple who helped older people to become familiar with computers; he was into IT and repairs and she was into the actual teaching but he wanted to move on and spend more time being a training coach for middle distance runners.

Francoise heard about the local women’s institute, in High Litleton, and I suggested that it might be a good thing for her to try

I met a delightful lady from Bolivia called Paloma  wearing a stunningly colourful dress who came with her young daughter. We met her on the way out of the party but were most impressed with her and Francoise said that it would be nice to meet her again.

The generous amount of food and hot cider punch made me break my non-alcohol vow but since I have not drunk for a week now I gave myself the excuse of the Christmas season so to do.

Altogether a very satisfactory day. A quiet tomorrow, a quiet Christmas Day where I’m going to consume some Lamb that I bought and then off to see relatives on Wednesday. Evidently the car park at Tesco’s was full to bursting.


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