the pace of life quickens

First, an item you will not expect,  possibly the worst baked bread ever, possibly arising from a fault in the bread making machine. When I tapped it, there was a slightly hollow sound about it and when we cut the first slice we realised why. Stun horror shock.  The brilliant thing about bread making is that it is cheap to experiment with loaves. All the ingredients are about £0.60 UK

I don’t know whether it’s the sun or the temperature but everything is livening up.  We had a lovely day yesterday doing two gardening jobs both involving cleaning. One with decking and another with stone. I find cleaning with a pressure hose particularly satisfying and so does Francoise. The first one was a small garden in Stratton on the Fosse. My car has a long wheelbase and it is very difficult to get into some drives. Well, the getting in is not difficult, it is the reversing.

We cannot help our neighbours and the people next door described as ‘the nicest people in the world but who make a terrible mess’ were the neighbours of my first customer. In order to reverse the car out – I have a Volvo V70 with a very long wheelbase – We have to move all sorts of bits and pieces such as tins of paint, hosepipes etc. to get out. The customer’s dog sat calmly through the whole thing.

The next job involved cleaning about 300 paving stones. You will not believe it but although these stones are mass produced, there are no two stones the same. They are not laid in the order that they are produced so could be from different batches. Each one has to cope with different wind speeds and what the wind brings in terms of dust etc, exposure to the rain, and most importantly plants and trees overhanging them which secrete a variety of chemicals.

You can have black mould, green mould, stains, and each one has to be treated in a different way.  If you’re really good you can clean each stone in about one minute. We took four hours working continuously one-on-one off with the cleaning machine being on all the time. It’s nice to get paid for what you enjoy doing because it doesn’t seem like work and if you want to really get esoteric about this, if you’re working with nature it charges you up as you go without getting tired. I’m not talking about aching joints, I’m talking about fatigue.   It does help if you are working for yourself and you know there’s money in your pocket after you finish the job.

Today I’m winding down as we off to Ilfracombe tomorrow and we will be leaving the house in the capable caring hands of our friends. I shall be glad to get away from the computer which does affect me after a time. Over 26,000 scientific papers had been written on the subject of electromagnetic fields and their deleterious effect on the body particularly carcinogenic. Strangely the companies who stand to make money  either not taken any notice of this, or know about it and hope that they will make their money with signed contracts before the public wakes up. The industry will start taking notice when their own children get cancer of the brain or are infertile but by that time it will be too late.

This evening I’m going to a meeting in Glastonbury Town Hall on the subject of 5G. I wonder what the public awareness will be.

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