A product is only as good as the service

From my local garden equipment and tool suppliers I know I pay a little bit more but I know I can go back to them and they will be there to fix the problem for me normally without charge if it is in the guarantee period. The same cannot be said of bargain items which you buy on the Internet. I’m sure they have some sort of arrangement but it’s not personal and may well involve sending the product back with all that entails.

I’m starting to believe now that energy medicine and frequency medicine is the answer to many of the body’s needs especially with regard to pain. Everything is frequency. A countervailing frequency will enable the body to correct itself. Those of you of a certain age will be aware of radionics, and those younger people may know of the spooky-2 which like all energy machines of any merit was developed in Russia.

It is difficult to know in advance what you will require but very often an instruction book sold with the item is not adequate. If the sales literature is in English Chinese it is not difficult to tell, it may be that support is lacking. Whatever you are going to buy, look on YouTube for someone explaining how to use it. Youtube is so vast that almost anything that is made will have video support of some sort, if not the manufacturer then a user will have posted something.

I ordered a Chinese made telephone which arrived today. I could barely understand the instructions and why do they make the type so small. Anyway I have done my due diligence. The phone works, remembers numbers, has a little socket enabling me to record conversations, remembers the last 10 numbers I dialed, has noise cancelling headphones and cost me about £25. It runs off the power of the telephone systems. I don’t need batteries which is rather nice. It’s the old story, buyer beware. Oh I forgot there was no invoice or return address so that’s why it’s good to pay with PayPal because they give a guarantee of looking after you in case anything goes wrong

I’m looking out for some software preferably free software to make a clickable map for my 5G website so people can see what is going on in a particular country. I’m not going to invest the time unless I read positive reviews, unless I found a video that explains how to do it, and unless the creator’s website is informative.

Back to tennis. So Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal. It was a cracking good match with Pedro returning impossible balls.

This weekend, every little village on earth is having a fair, but here in Midsomer Norton we are having a day with bands and performances and competitions and so on.

Good news, the weather is fine.