The Mid Somerset show – a truly family affair

a typical sunny periods and showers day but thankfully it was mostly dry

The Mid Somerset show, held in Shepton Mallet, is about the ideal size for maintaining a family atmosphere. It is very much helped by being free of charge to enter so more people come and the exhibitors and stallholders have a chance to make more money as they appear to do.

one or two youngsters obviously got up very early in the morning

This contrasts with the gi-normous Bath and West show about which I have written three times. It cost adults £25 a head to get in, children go free. In my previous visits to the Bath and West I didn’t managed to get round everything even after being there for six hours. In this case, there are only four or five fields. I feel that the exhibitors are under less pressure because the fees are not so great, being for a one-day show and attracting less rental fees for the whole site and less need to advertise the show, which is mostly attended by locals.

Father and daughter showing in the sheep category
minute examination of the wool by a world expert


no two sheep have markings in the same place

A competition for the best dressed sheep

Vintage cars on display


This is a very short video about an animal whisperer who has an enormous capacity to establish telepathic contact this case with a leopard. The leopard was very aggressive; Anne talking to her just changed her attitude.

This brief movie is a real tearjerker


Climate Change

I cant resist this large injection of fact (one of many attempts) concerning the hysteria over climate change. The headless chicken that is Extinction Rebellion continues, actually encouraged by the UN. Behind the scenes, millions are raked in from carbon trading. Any mainstream scientist who speaks out is removed or sacked. Remember folks, without carbon dioxide we would be DEAD. This is someone, Marc Morano, who is actually thinking. Watch it and relax. 59:02