Back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is)


My sister and husband achieved the near impossible feat of catching a bus from around the corner in Midsomer Norton, and arriving at her front door in Croydon, Surrey, four hours later. Sometimes people are just plain lucky, and this on New Year’s eve when everyone is on the road.

1  local bus to Bath station (46min)
2  high speed train to London Paddington (1h 25m)
3  tube to London Victoria (20 min)
4. Victoria to East Croydon (18 minutes)
5. Taxi home  (20 minutes guess)


To the hospital for my monthly eye check. Every time I see a different consultant. This one was from Ireland. She was very inclusive, showed me the scans of my eyes, found a very small spread of wet macular from the left to the right eye (it happens) and said that if things get suddenly worse, to ask to bring the appointment forward. I am not sure why she asked this. Anyway, this month, no injection.

I keep my usual eagle eye on new publicity.