An air of inevitability

a wonderful skyscape photographed from our garden
A climbing rose bush, with a vertical garden of lettuce to the left

I was out of sorts today because I feel that the forces against us are so completely uncaring and ruthless. However, I was cheered up by a video that I recorded today about 160 doctors who had got together at a ZOOM meeting and decided that if any vaccines were introduced within a year they would be decidedly unhappy about its safety. I have never seen a group of doctors getting together for mutual support and that in itself reminded me that I have people out there fighting the same battle as I am. David Icke reminds us that we are infinite awareness having an experience in the human body, and I needed to be reminded of that when I slip too close to this physical world.

If you want news, read Russia Today. If you want propaganda, watch the BBC. RT mentioned that Cambridge University were going to do all their tuition online in the next academic year. It rather confirms my feeling that the lockdown or imprisonment is here to stay. The powers that be want to achieve their reset of the world and the more people acquiesce to the draconian rules and regulations, for example wearing masks, the more they will increase the pressure to dominate us completely and turn us into performing animals.

I spoke to my sister today and she told me that many people both in the hospital where she attended as an outpatient and in the street were not wearing masks. I think this law or is it a rule will be widely ignored. Perhaps the government are relying on peer pressure for people to police each other.

We enjoy watching a TV programme about people living in Alaska. They have no backup services so everyone has to be good at doing multitasking and this may be a reflection of how we need to prepare ourselves for the future. One of their number and had a 10 m fall and had broken 24 bones. The rest built for him a ramp so that he could go into his living quarters in the hills.

Back home, food shortages are going to be only one of the problems. I wonder what suicide rate it will take for the government take notice but then I suppose if you have been brainwashed and hypnotised by other forces you won’t really care.

I’m aware that my diaries are becoming a bit dystopian but I am just reflecting what’s going on. Tomorrow, off to Bristol to have a new car key cut. We may do some shopping at the same time. I have no intention of wearing a mask and will not do so even if we have to enter a shop. By the way, entries on my website are quite interesting if anyone is even mildly interested in the Corona virus farce so here is the link if you want to look at it.  From June 1, you will find 201 links to various articles.