A day of synchronicity

An active day. Off at 8.30 in the morning to take a lot of material from my allotments to the recycling. We have to book our car in; there was a lady with a mobile phone at the entrance who was checking to make sure we had the right to enter the recycle.

Afterwards, off to get my first organic chicken of the year, three times the price of what you pay in the supermarket but hopefully the price will be reflected in the taste. Off to Wetherspoons to have a ‘freedom breakfast’, a new variation on the traditional breakfast and then back home.

After lunch we proceeded to a gardening job which consists of removing one of the most ancient and difficult to eradicate plants, mares tails. There are so many remedies for this including various chemicals but they tend to grow back so the only answer is to dig them up and then dig them up again until they lose the will to live. Unfortunately, a previous gardening person had only put down one layer of light excluding matting on the infected area which was covered with gravel. We must strip the lot and start again. Gravel and light excluding material is nothing to this plant which I’m told even grows through concrete.

I have decided to visit a friend of mine in Shropshire, the person who is doing the website and we decided to stay for three days later on in August. He recommended that we stay at pottery which is great for my wife because she loves anything to do with pottery, pots etc.

we went to the local workingmen’s club for a drink, my first visit for months, and meta-chap sporting a wonderful white beard called John. He had worked in Hinkley point nuclear power station, all over south America, had a wealth of knowledge and experience. His brothers owned a farm but he has retired. Who would have thought just looking at him that he had such a wealth of information and knowledge. He thought the lockdown was “complete bollocks”. This endeared me to him immediately.

A few hours later I rang my long-standing friend from Germany I have known now for 20 years and we try to do a catch up. She was talking about the difficulty in travelling anywhere by plane or indeed by train if you want a cross-country barriers, so she’s not going anywhere soon.

A couple of hours after that, an old friend of mine rang out of the blue. He lives near Manchester and so we have decided to visit him after our trip to Shropshire. First thing this morning we had no intention of going anywhere but now a holiday seems to have created itself out of nothing. I believe that if something is meant to be it happens without effort, you just have to be aware.

Time to get a new mobile phone following on the purchase of a drone which is controlled by a mobile phone. It’s necessary to have a fairly modern phone and my existing one is about 4-5 years old now so out it must go.

I find talking on the mobile phone more and more difficult. My ears burn and I swear the phone heats up. I was only on the phone for 20 to 25 min and at the end of time I almost had put the phone down because of its temperature.

A rainy day today following on the sweltering heat of the last few days but the temperature was quite pleasant and certainly more suitable for gardening than doing it in baking sun.