COVID – holiday preparations – garden


I sometimes have difficulty in remembering what day it is. To the allotments yesterday and noticing that the vast majority of people had not picked the runner beans they have so carefully grown. Why let them all run to wood? Are people afraid to come out?

To Wickes to look for a tool to lift a drain cover. There were about 12 people in the store. They all wore masks.  They all had no expressions. I was the only person who was not wearing a mask. You would have thought that after all this time with no fatalities people would get the message but they seem to actually enjoy wearing the mask. I saw a child of about five wearing one when the possibility of catching the disease is virtually zero. One American study said one in 250,000. Maybe it makes people feel confident or less insecure.

Yesterday, we finished a lovely job which consisted of the rather unglamorous removal of mares tails of horse tales which take forever to be removed. The 75-year-old single customer had not been out of the property for a few months now and expressed the most enormous gratitude for our service which I was more than glad to give.

We also visited a possible job consisting of mowing a large lawn area, the problem was that the area was on a hill and the only way we could use the mower would be from side to side. The lady recalled a time when her husband had cultivated the whole hill and they never had to grow short of vegetables but this must have been about 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the area has grown to be more like a field. Do I want the job? Well, it’s money which always helps but I like to feel I’m hoping something and I believe that if we do a thorough mowing job it will be back to where it was in a months time so what is the point. Wild grasses not unattractive so why not let it be?

I have just ordered a book called “the great British coronavirus hoax” which was published on 16 June this year. It is really great that people are catching up on this scam, probably the biggest scam since I was born. Maybe 911 is a competitor but I feel this is more comprehensive. The number of times this pandemic was prophesied in the years before is huge, references in films, interviews, cartoons so anyone with an ounce of sense would know that this did not happen spontaneously by something being manifested the market in China and then everyone suddenly flying all over the world spreading it elsewhere.

I’m looking forward to going on holiday next week. We are going to a place called Much Wenlock. I hope that the pubs and restaurants are open. It is after all bank holiday weekend so if they can’t open them and turn a few pennies and I don’t see much hope.

Our kitchen sink decided to back up so I decided to dig around and do what I could. It was clear that the drain was blocked so I enthusiastically and energetically set out clearing it myself, getting very mucky and smelly in the process. I don’t mind this because I don’t want to pay good money to people who could have done the same thing. We should not be helpless individuals but try to do it ourselves if we possibly can.

Yesterday morning, someone texted me to say they were in desperate straits and they needed to talk to somebody. Their partner of many years had persuaded them to take part in an investment. The venture had gone wrong and she was going to be left with the bill. People tend to contact me when their situation is very advanced; there is very little room for manoeuvre. I think people are so proud that they feel they have to try everything first without getting a consultation. It is not just prior do, it is blindness coupled with other factors like the desire to please and believe in other people who are alas sometimes not so trustworthy. Anyway, I dropped everything and gave her some advice spending about an hour on the phone so hopefully some good will have been done.