Carling Black Label? I don’t mind if I do


Last night I had a sleepless night with some recurrence of my stomach troubles which happen only when I take a certain combination of food. Until I figure this out I seem destined to repeat what I’ve been suffering from. The answer is more observation and more discipline.

In spite of that I decided to go to Wetherspoon’s for breakfast. This is the last week of halfprice breakfasts so I ordered a gloriously named Freedom Breakfast with a coffee and was asked for £4.85. I expected the bill to be halved but evidently the till locked and would not allow this to happen. I must’ve been the first person in the day to report this because I was served by the manager and he was confused as I was so it was a question of a quick e-mail to headquarters to find out how to unlock things.Meanwhile I got a staff discount of 50% so paid £2.88 including a coffee. I like the unlimited coffee i.e.  you can refill as many times as you want. I’ll take a guess that most people don’t refill at all and probably 20% of people do have a refill.

Prior to going in to Wetherspoon’s I went to buy a daily newspaper and was shocked to find that the Guardian was £2.20. There was no way I was going to pay that so I ordered a Daily Mail instead for which I paid 70 p. Wetherspoons now opens at eight o’clock in the morning as opposed to 7 o’clock in previous times so I guess the Covid thing has given them a chance to reconsider. This pub chain passes my comfortableness test. By that I mean that I can go in there on my own and feel comfortable. I cannot say the same of every establishment I have visited. I think the quality of management of Wetherspoon’s is very high and I wish them all the best in these difficult times.

I have a confession that I feel only partly guilty about. Yesterday I went to fill up at the Tesco petrol station and noticed a container full of Carling Black label tins. It looked like a vehicle had turned a corner too sharply and they had rolled off the back of a lorry or whatever. I knew that it would be far too paranoid to go and actually have a look at them so I decided to regard them as unwanted material and claim them for myself.

As my regular readers will know, I do gardening for people and the more I go on the more I realise that it is 50% social work and 50% actual gardening. I went to see a garden on a hill where the lady owner must be 90 years of age if she’s a day. The garden has two springs. This means that the grass grows twice as fast as in adjacent properties so maintaining the garden or should I say the field is quite a pain. After talking to the daughter I will talk to the customer saying that I’m willing to bring the whole property to order and then maintain it. It is really worth doing investigations right at the beginning preferably before you start the job to make sure there are no problems down the line. Touch wood, I’ve had no difficulties this year because I have done due diligence towards myself.

Back to COVID. There is so much outworking of nonsense at the moment that to be part of it, to identify with it, does no good to man nor beast and I believe what we need to do is to align ourselves with nature, move towards an independent way of living, and relate to nature as much as possible.

Later on today, I was outside the Post Office and heard someone explaining how much smaller the virus is when the material of which unmask is composed. The young man to whom he was speaking stared at him but that was all. I made a point of greeting the speaker and congratulated him in being a non-masked person. I explained to him that you did not have to give a reason for going into shop or store without a mask.