A walk in the woods


Boris Johnson wanting to spend a hundred billion pounds on daily testing, or any sum come to that, when the test is one of the most unreliable ever for COVID sends me into something of a spin. Do see my huge weight of evidence in my website

I had a very pleasant ZOOM meeting with a group of Christian men from Frome this evening. We did not have a formal agenda but I find that if there is a reasonable correspondence of people’s spirits, conversation are soon found and meaningful threads follow.

This afternoon we went for a walk in some woods. It is very exciting to be in a place that has not been touched for hundreds of years, typically land that cannot be used for agriculture. The rest of this diary will be a pictorial diary

Half a very substantial bridge over a very small stream. It looks fairly modern in its construction but I wonder if its secrets have been lost

was this an old parish boundary? It is right in the middle of would but could have been a marker for a lane