Trouble with my computer


If there’s one thing I need to rely on and that is my computer, resplendent with two screens. I need two screens because I transferred data from one database to another and I can’t bear or should I say find it difficult to have two screens on one. You can either have side-by-side versions or top and bottom. Either is a severe compromise.

I asked my techie friend to install Windows 10. I have windows seven at the moment but this is going out of fashion as some software does not support windows seven. I’ve had it for years so it’s probably about time I changed.

There is no such thing as the perfect upgrade. The main thing was that I didn’t lose any data but unfortunately my second screen did not load. The screen could not see the computer and vice versa. I was assured that it would correct itself overnight but it did not happen. I was told I should have left the computer on so it could freely conversed with Microsoft headquarters and get itself aligned. Although there is a card in there windows 10 did not recognise it. I may need another card. It is very difficult to get back to using one screen while I wait for the technician to return.

To add to it all, I spilled some coffee on my keyboard. This is not to be recommended and is the first time I have ever done it. No matter how diligently you clean it, one or two keys will be irrevocably damaged and in my case it was the key ‘a’ and ‘e’. Try typing a sentence without using the letter a. Fortunately, I had a spare keyboard in the loft so it was summoned back to duty. My motto is, never throw anything away because you never know when you will need it. I avoid throwing anything away ; in this case it was so worn that some of the letters could not be seen.

This weekend we have the Alternative View 11 full of good speakers as usual but this time it will not be in an hotel but virtual so the only comfort of that is that we pay less, £44.44 for some strange esoteric reason.

I was disgusted to read that in Ireland, people had been kicked out of a church during a service. All this for a virus that does not exist. God help the governments when people finally find out.

Wetherspoon’s revisited


This morning it was raining so I decided to cheer myself up by going along to Wetherspoon’s to see how they were weathering (no pun intended) the unceasing change in these ridiculous times. I entered. There was no one at the desk but I filled in my contact details anyway and took a menu as invited (the coronavirus loves hanging around on  menus).

a somewhat modest breakfast with one sausage instead of two. I asked for the hash browns to be left out.

Most of the stalls were occupied so I sat down on one of the bar seats and after a few minutes was able to give my order. I did not wear a mask. As I wanted to pay by card I was asked to accompany the waiter to the till in order to pay. She almost mumbled ‘and wear your mask’ so when I said I don’t wear one she said “that’s all right then”. I returned to my seat and the meal came after about 5 min. It was okay to go to the coffee machine in spite of the fact that we are told that the virus is very alert when you are walking around but as soon as you arrive back at your table you become invisible so you can take your mask off. Anyone who believes this rubbish needs to consider their position.

I had still got my filled-in form but no one asked for it. When I left, the person at the door said nothing. I think people are realising the stupidity of this and are just going through the motions of enforcing these regulations which at the end of the day have no scientific value, just been made up to prolong our fear until we can be given the golden cup of the vaccine.

Yesterday I read that the owner of a gymnasium in Liverpool refused to close and was fined £1000. The public rallied around and contributed £52,000. Liverpool council suddenly and inexplicably reversed their decision so now all gyms are open. This is a very good” need to do to end this lunacy. I wonder how long the Wales situation will go on. People are being asked to only undertake essential journeys and police are interviewing them and send them back if they are not considered essential. Just imagine groups of viruses just waiting for someone to come along only to be foiled by the police. Again… Your brains. There is a phrase “frightened stupid” and I think this is a condition people are in at the moment.


A surreal view of a Bath Abbey Service


Today I viewed some streaming from Bath Abbey.

So the virus is very clever. It keeps away from the choir when they are singing but will attack the congregation if they sing.  I can find no respect for the church’s’ caving in to this ridiculous series of edicts. If I went along saying I was exempt  they would not let me in.  Our opportunities for freedom diminish by the day but the trends are more dependent on the result of the American election than you might think.

I do not see myself going to church while the congregation have to wear masks.

Yesterday morning, I went to the AGM of our small but active men’s group. It is interesting how many problems people have which they do not mention in the normal course of events, but given the opportunity people will share their situations, family or financial, if they feel the atmosphere of trust is there. This happened to one of our members who told us that the distancing from his daughter following a request that at the age of 28 she needed to pay rent and some contribution for food.

I volunteered to be Communication Officer of this mens group which means that I will do a mail chimp mailing to all the people on the mailing list of which there are about 100.

Today, Sunday morning, it is bright blue sky so off to the allotment to do the necessary fiddles and tidying up as you have to do at this time of year.

We have ordered more manure. We get a trailer-load for £30 and it is of good quality. I am preparing for a grand bonfire which we will have in November. Once you get the heat up you can burn virtually anything except metal so the allotmenteers can get rid of all their stuff without going to the re-cycle.

Françoise and I have recently discovered the Smithsonian Channel which is very good on American history and we spent three x 1 hour watching the history and development of three of the Southern American states. The quality was as good as anything I have seen.


The social life of starlings


Following the collapse of my plate, off to the dentist to stick it back together again. When Bath was designed, trees were incorporated in large numbers into the street plans and as a result autumn is a very pleasant and colourful period to be around. We were early for the appointment so decided to walk up and down, visit the local park and prepare myself for the farcical putting on and taking off of masks which must accompany a visit.

To cut a long story short, there is insufficient material in the gum to anchor the plate so a number of small plates must be made and I will have to go for a time ‘sans teeth’. He managed to get it fixed on but six hours later it fell off again.

It was lunchtime when we left so we decided to go to Peasedown and buy some fish and chips, a mistake as it turned out as the chips did not agree with me.

While we were waiting we admired the actions of the starlings on neighbouring telephone poles and lines. They were obviously having a social time, there were about 60 of them all chattering away; when one landed on the line the others moved to make space for it. Social distancing was not for them. I started to film and a few seconds after the video they all flew off simultaneously. They had obviously realised their social time was over and it was now an opportune moment to do something else.


Unexpected playtime with a drain cleaner + an unexpected loss of five teeth


Today we are going to try and achieve two gardening jobs, both maintenance, both pleasant enough – and regular income. We went to our first one at about 11 o’clock. The lady who we see, she must be 90 to a day, had not yet risen so we had to wait a little bit for her to get up. I decided to go walkaround the local streets and what do I see but a drain cleaning wagon.

I love these. I love seeing films and videos  of unblocking drains. So long as water is concerned I’m interested. I went up and had a talk to the operator. He invited me to have a go. Didn’t believe it at first. the equipment consists an aluminum pipe about 20 cm in diameter. Round the bottom there are a series water jet that blasts high-pressure water at the mud that tends to block the drain. It is counterbalanced so quite easy to swing down the drain. We had a lot of fun and a laugh and a joke and they allowed me to take pictures after my having used the cleaner, which was more difficult than I thought.

Back to the lady customer. There was very little work to do, there were few weeks so we said we would see her again in April or May. We went from Timsbury to our second job in Paulton. On our way we visited the Hub cafe and library. We arrived in the middle of someone preparing lunch. Tea and coffee was not readily available so we left after chatting with a couple of people. We saw this pumpkin on one of the tables.

it cheer me up to see an indication of someone’s 16th birthday, or what their 61st, in the car park behind the community centre.

On to our job. This is a small back garden that we took on three years ago which was in a complete mess. It took us a couple of hours to restore it to a beautiful state and it is now neat and tidy ready for the winter. Grass does not grow much below 10°C.


Back home to have lunch but before that I decided to jet wash my mower and my strimmer. After a drink, I started lunch and I was biting on a roll of bread when inside my mouth I heard a breaking sound. My top platelet of teeth had just broken off. I immediately called the dentist and declared an emergency and fortunately they were able to see me at 12:10 tomorrow Friday. I now have the problem of eating lunch but I adapted fairly quickly because I can bite with my molars to the left and to the right so I will not starve.

We had our ZOOM men’s meeting for the Froome area. A local retired doctor talked about his work as a Christian. He was asked whether he prayed with patients but said that the GMC were quite strict on that so his wings were  been clipped a bit and some of his colleagues were told off for praying with patients with probably the best motive but it was against the regulations.

Largely toothless, I had some soup this evening which was actually more than sufficient

ZOOM meeting with my allotmenteers – Germany in the early 30’s


Although many people are now used to the ZOOM technology, a number are not and we had 18 of the 56 allotment holders gathered together this evening for our first ever virtual AGM. Most of the conversation was quite ordinary but important because people like to meet others in a social setting and I think people are missing this at the moment. We asked everyone how well their vegetables grew and this was useful for newcomers.

If anyone wants to take part in this type of meeting remember that what seems to you as background familiar sounds are automatically amplified to the same volume as the speakers. This is called automatic sensitivity control and it makes sure that people with less strong voices are heard. Hearing children in the background can be annoying for others so if that is going to be the case then mute your microphone while others are speaking.

We used the poll facility which means people can vote on things for example in our case ‘do people want any more manure?’ 13 people said yes and 4 said no. Anyone can see the results so it is a very satisfying democratic thing to do. I always circulate the meeting video afterwards. It is useful for those who genuinely could not make the meeting but would have liked to attend. The problem is, where to store 500 MB of data in an accessible form. The lower grade plans of ZOOM allow the storage of 1 GB and you have to pay quite handsomely to have more. I save material on my websites which normally have quite a lot of file storage attached.

The rate of dystopian news about Covid increases as the government gets more and more mad inputting these arbitrary and ridiculous lockdowns or circuit breakers. People do not understand that the ‘Government’ are deliberately trying to depress people so that when the magic bullet comes along, the vaccine, people will do anything to get free from the obligation – as they think it – to wear masks and behave like performing animals. Today I added 24 news items and I don’t mean the mass media but articles of substance.  Keeping up with the news is a bit like surfing, you have to keep ahead of the wave and this can only be done by continual learning of what things are all about.

I know it is difficult for people to comprehend this, but in the UK at least we are similar to the situation that pertained in Germany in 1933 when Fascism was rising and people did not want to believe it. That is probably one of the reasons why the Germans are taking this current so-called crisis so seriously. They see this is a smokescreen for something far more insidious. I see it as the permanent entrapment of our souls and  the termination of the human being as we know it.

A day of many aspects. Meeting the Daniel brothers.


A busy day. We went to my interesting lady gardening client, picked up the rubbish from last Friday’s job and took it to the recycle. For the first time in many visits, the chap checking us in did not have a record of my car but let me in any way. A number of us had to deposit material in the garden rubbish skip. I noticed something I had never noticed before, that people meekly stood in line, heads bowed. Gone was the Spontaneity for the most part. It is part of the obedience training that people have been suffering from all the past six months.

A pleasant day if a little cool so we spent time in the garden and I prepared for my ZOOM meeting with the allotmenteers. I met two new tenants today and sign them up. Both were extremely grateful to have plots since they had only applied a few weeks ago and thought they’d have to wait forever to be accommodated of the people before them had not shown enough signs of enthusiasm so they lost their place in the queue.

I met two other people who were going to have joint tenancy at about 5:30 PM. They were two very muscular and handsome people who could have been mistaken for brothers at any time. Both of whom are called Daniel. We had a laugh about that. I took them to meet my wife who was working on her allotment.

The ZOOM meeting started at 7 PM and went on for about 20 minutes. I explain the basics of the system to the attendees. We had eight people in total. I hope we get more for the real thing; today’s was just a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s AGM.

Supper, and watching films on youtube. We like mostly travel films and one of them was on the orient express from Venice to London and the other one was to train journeys in Japan and a 12 hour boat trip.

My stomach is performing well today. I discovered that if I have a glass of wine and no more per day I do not suffer any symptoms.

My Covid site has had an influx of technical entries “Monderna’s Covid – 19 vaccine provokes Covid like symptoms in phase 3 trial”, “new NIH research aims to identify promising Covid – 19 treatments for larger clinical trials” and “Johns Hopkins researchers identified immune system pathway that may stop Covid 19 infection” . Hardly riveting stuff I know but I have a strong urge to write everything down relating to the subject and already I have accumulated a considerable volume of references so it is ideal for researchers and those really wanting to take this matter seriously.

I have for example 75 examples of Covid test and testing, 144 articles on health, 110 articles on lockdown and 185 articles on masks.

I do not get many readers each day may be 100 if I’m lucky that I don’t think that’s the point. I find it very valuable for myself because if you know what is actually going on,  you inoculate yourself against fear. I’m in a very positive phase at the moment. I am more determined and clearer than ever before.

The gardening work seems to have dried up for this year, the weather is going to turn colder so they won’t be much growth so our income is slightly affected but we have nothing to complain about.



An unexpected psychic reading given to me


Today is Saturday. I normally buy my ration of meat from the local butchers and today was the turn of pork. I buy a roll of pork for about £10 and get about seven meals out of it. We then went to buy fresh eggs from a farm for which we pay one pound for six very large eggs.

We then went to the gardening job which I previously referred to to continue our work, this time trimming a tree. There is a definite art to trimming. When artists paint a picture of a step back from the canvas to look at it and it is the same thing with tree shape is not obvious when you’re standing underneath it so you need to go some distance away perhaps 25 m or so and see how it will look and what it needs.

During our preliminary talk with the customer she asked us if we wanted a tea leaf reading. This is a form of clairvoyance that some people will be familiar with. I think she’s psychic anyway so it doesn’t really matter what the catalyst is. She told me that my son was 41, actually he is 42 years of age just turned so that wasn’t a bad estimate. I have some readings on myself. She saw lots of clarity and said there was considerable love between myself and Françoise. We knew that but it’s always nice to be told by somebody else. She saw that I had lots of good friends and that I was appreciated.

We left the job on a high. Sometimes, the jobs are not exciting but if the relationship between ourselves and the customer is good we get the feeling that we are working for the greater good, the universe, and it doesn’t seem like work. I can tell a successful job when I feel we move lively  at the end than when we start.

This evening I had a talk with someone from California called Tim.
Tim wanted to join my ZOOM group for discussing Covid. On the particular Skype call he was joined by his wife Alexandra. They were both on the same wavelength and seemed particularly enthusiastic about meeting people on the same level of understanding so I invited them to the next ZOOM meeting this next Wednesday.

Quite an intellectual challenge today


Early this morning I could not sleep so I listened to radio five live and I heard a policeman from Durham was close to tears because he was trying his best but they were receiving different and conflicting information almost every day for example whether to wear masks not wear masks, one day they are told to wear gloves the next day they are told not to wear gloves. This is really sadism. I felt like calling up but I just wondered what effect this would have on whether the BBC will tolerate any view that differs from the norm for example that the virus does not exist, that it is an exozome, that lockdowns are completely unnecessary etc.

I am rewriting my website which focuses on my psychic and remote view skills; I feel these are needed more and more in this age of disturbance and fear. The challenge is in trying to see what I offer from the point of view of the public and deciding exactly who I am appealing to. There is a phrase that if you try to appeal to everybody, you appeal to nobody.

I have a copywriter, Lawrence, who has done a splendid job so far but I’m thinking of putting some illustrations on the site to make it more human. He and I were discussing how to present our ideas and he felt that a picture of us to would be a good alternative. This fired me up to write a note to him telling him all the things I hated about people who appear in advertisements both on television and printed.

Rant about cut and paste images  for advertising / images in general.
I hate the following:

1.   Empty headed people with perfect teeth who grin at the camera
2.   Lines of workers. The third one from the front is a person of colour
3.   My most hated ads are for mobile phone companies where people on the phone seem to have dislocated their jaw they are grinning so much
4.   Gormless male wimps with soppy expressions giving in to their immaculately dressed ambitious partners
5.   Two models photographed together who are supposed to be couples but are obviously not
6.   Children in ads who have never had a haircut
7.   Dogs who run across the screen after a floor cleaning operation
8.   Politically correct large family groups – they obviously have no empathy – just grinning at the camera or posing awkwardly
9.   Families at the meal table eating rubbish food and pretending to enjoy it.
10. models on exercise machines who already have perfect bodies.

I wrote last time about the very remarkable lady who was an alcoholic and yet a delight to deal with. I am learning the hard way how variable these people can be. She thinks her neighbour wants to cut down our tree or have her do it. She defended her neighbour by saying that she lost her husband six months ago but I said this is not sufficient justification to demand that someone else fails a tree on their land. We shall go along tomorrow and try and sort out a diplomatic middle way.

I thought my stomach was improving but it seems that the culprit is wine. I’m sure which is the sort of wine because sulphides and so on are no good and divide by organic wine I do not get symptoms.


A hunt for a ‘P’ – my first cycle ride for 50 years


The weather being fine, we decided to go to the canal and take our bikes for a first time together ride. This will be my first proper cycle ride for about 50 years and the old saying is correct that you never forget – give or take a few wobbles.

We rode along towards Bath and then enjoyed the Weir, where there was absolutely nobody else around and we enjoyed it. On the return journey I had an interesting conversation. I came across two ladies one of whom was holding a baby. I went up to them and said in my usual outrageous manner “you are showing signs of happiness, what’s going on?”

The woman was obviously enjoying the cuddle as much as the child and she said that since Covid she had not cuddled anyone. I got some clairvoyant information about her father which seem to be spot on. I discussed the stupidity and crookedness of Covid with them both and they agreed, the daughter more than the mother. There were three generations there in that little group. Again, the difference between the fear based and the non-fiat-based or shall we say the love based people can be seen in Technicolor. I gave them one of two encouraging remarks and went on my way. I love these random meetings but little did I know what was going to come.

We rode back to our car and noticed a woman searching around on the ground. I asked her if she had lost anything and she said yes, she had been playing Scrabble and had lost a ‘P’. We looked round as much as we could but did not find anything and we were joined by a chap who had been playing loud music and drums in his van. We had a lot of jokes about P only being worth one point. We were on the point of giving up when I walked up the main path towards the tow path and found the lost letter lying on the ground. The woman could not believe her luck and said, if it were not for Covid I would give you a big hug. See how the programming of this lie has worked in the minds of people. The more often you repeat the lie ..

I have said this before and I’ll say it again that both Hancock the Health Secretary and Boris Johnson the Prime Minister should be tried in court for treason because the amount of damage they have done to the whole country and seem to intend to continue to do his exacting high price for everyone who lives here in the UK. It is the same in America, France, Germany, Spain, and many other countries not excluding the Third World countries where the level of poverty is even greater. Anyway before I go on my ranting we did in the day on a final note. I cycled about 1 mile but that was a mile long the life cycle as I said for a considerable part of my life so armed with more confidence I will probably exceed myself next time but it has to be on level ground. Maybe I will treat myself to a power assisted bicycle.

Today we said no to a garden job. The lady lived in Wellow, a delightful village, very posh and upper-class. She said on the phone that her garden was the size of a tennis court. I reckon it was about the same size as four snooker tables. The said she was 93 years of age and was not able to garden like she used to do due to her fingers becoming more stiff.

Normally, I would be fully sympathetic with such a person but we decided not to do the job for two reasons. First it was not our sort of job. We do not do weeding. Secondly, her attitude.  I can’t say she was rude but she was brittle and irritable. We got the feeling that we would not enjoy working there and she would be too critical of our efforts. I have learnt long ago that if the first impression is not good, it will not get better. Okay, it’s turning down money but if it’s money earned under duress or unpleasantness it turns into bad money.

A saint in disguise? – not just another gardening job!


I have a gardening job to do which I visited yesterday. The woman who asked me to do the work had a rather over friendly dog, but there was something about her speech that made me worried about her mental condition. She would be speaking, and then pause for no apparent reason and then forget what she was saying. I just wondered whether this was the sort of job which we wanted to be involved with. It consisted of cleaning a small patio, and mowing an area of grass and doing some clearing away. Technically, it was not difficult and would be enjoyable. I texted her a quote which I thought might be too high but she agreed straightaway.

We turned up and unloaded our stuff. She had requested on the phone that she be taken to the local shop to pay her phone bills,  complaining that she had done enough walking around so far. That is the first time I have ever been asked to take some shopping that something within me said that I should at least offer. The local shop could not help so she asked me to take her about a mile away to Radstock where she could both get my money and pay her electricity bill. We then returned together.

I then asked her where the nearest electricity plug was because I needed to plug in my jet wash. She took me to the front of her house and showed me the control box. I have to demonstrate using sign language that I wanted a place where she would plug in the kettle.

We both thought she had had a stroke but I talked to Angela, the lady who lived upstairs, who said that she was an alcoholic and it ‘was very sad’. The customer offered us some coffee and, knowing that Françoise was from France, made a special effort to get some biscuits that would remind her of her hometown of Lyon. I was very moved at this. We did the work and finished after about four hours. As we were concluding, she bought us a thank you card in which she thanked us for our hard work. I have never had this happen before though I have had one or two e-mails thank you’s.

I saw this lady as a very sweet soul, who had possibly fallen on difficult times and sought solace in alcohol. She treated us far better as individuals then I have been treated for some time and this is in the case of a person with every excuse, a medical condition and bad back, not to take much notice those who work for her.  This event will teach me not to judge by appearances (again).

This area is one of the forgotten corners bypassed by main roads which have a considerable amount of community spirit. I enclose a couple of images of what I saw on the same street.


A brief tour of Mask-land (Wells version)


A bright(ish)  morning so bearing in mind the rain of recent days we decided to go off to Wells. Our annual pass to go around the gardens expires on 14 October so we thought we might as well make the best of it. We parked and went to the high Street. I can never get used to the sight of people being masked up in the street never mind a country walk but some people have become wedded to it. Is it becoming some sort of fashion statement? I have approximately 135 links on the attributes of masks and most people who study this sort of thing find them to be of more harm than benefit. This is the biggest psy-op in my lifetime.

First, to the market, where social distancing rules apply and there were far fewer stalls but each stall was doing good business. We had timed our visit to coincide with the inauguration of the new mayor who for some reason has a term of 18 months (normally one year). I assume it’s something to do with the disturbance of the lockdown.The market, busy as ever, under a huge plane tree.

To the Bishops Palace. No matter how many times we visit, it is always different. I had not seen this notice and we seem to have a new ‘people’s ticket’ where you pay once (£15) and get free entry for 12 months. That is a good improvement upon the joint price of about £64 per couple for ‘membership’ which entitles you to visit other places over the same period.

Wells Cathedral view from the allotments that abut.





We had two meaningful conversations. I went up to a chap who was sitting on the bench overlooking the spring and chatted to him naïvely about the muddy state of the spring water. Little did I know that he was a caving expert and I got a long explanation of the sources of water, their comparative power and purity, and why this phenomenon of muddy water occurred after rain.

The second conversation was with the lady teacher who taught schoolchildren about trees. She said that all children thought of trees as “oak trees” and she does her best to educate them.

Both of the people were not wearing masks. It is part of my defense mechanism  that I do not to speak to people when I cannot see their faces. You never know, they could be snarling and preparing to attack.

It’s amazing how people are conforming to these arrows. From a scientific point of view it makes no difference if you walk one way or meet someone coming the other way. The active period of the Covid virus finished about April. the scare tactic is being maintained for other reasons. I noticed that one of two people steered clear of me when I walked towards them but more than 50% did not abide to this so-called guidance.

This was once a rather beautiful carved hand but the years have taken their toll and it’s almost at  the stage of decomposition. A lovely idea.

This can be seen in the arch on the way out of the gardens.

The Swans regard the moat  as their own property and do indeed swan around. Advice, do not get between them and their offspring.

This was taken from an adjacent field and shows how the Cathedral must have looked in previous centuries. Wells is a truly delightful place with a creative is slightly snobby population. Be prepared to part with substantial amounts of money if you are thinking of living in the preferred areas never mind something historical.

We then went home via Hartley’s tea rooms. Françoise had a roulade and I had sticky toffee and custard with a latte. Afterwards we went into the adjacent grocery and bakery and bought some bread. I was impressed by the fact they didn’t ask for track and trace nor did they wear masks. The lady behind the counter who I think is the co-owner, called Tara, was totally up to speed and said they don’t believe in masks, distancing and anything else.

I gave her one of my leaflets and she said that her husband would be very interested. Our leaflets are not for everybody. They are for researchers. Most people are totally besotted and convinced by the mainstream media, the BBC, and will not even listen to any other explanation even if you say that the masks are a device to cause us to submit to something which is counter intuitive.

Anyway, I’m getting my hobby horse again so I will get off and upload this diary.

Starting the day peacefully


It is some time, about six months, since I have listened to Trans World Radio which is an evangelical Christian radio station broadcasting not only by the Internet but the way I get it, via Freeview TV. This morning I woke after my usual assortment of dreams and decided that the best remedy was hearing the gospel of Jesus being preached.  My favourite preacher is Colin Smith. He is from the Free Church in England now working in California I believe and is a very good academic as well as preacher. You can find out about him by searching for ‘unlocking the bible’

Choosing between BBC ‘News’ and TWR is a no-brainer so I listen for half an hour to remind myself about values, priorities, things to bear in mind when leading the good life and soul. From now on – touch wood – plus  the weakness of the flesh permitting I will do the same every morning.

This evening, we had a ZOOM meeting with the men’s group in Frome. The best sort of discussions happen from a simple enquiry like “how are you”. We were discussing the ways that God has protected us and were asked to give an example. I said rather scurrilously and if we were protected we would not be aware of it because nothing would happen to us.

We also discussed in this Covid society context about touching and was then how important it was. I pulled up a study piece from the Bible saying that Jesus had healed on 16 separate occasions by touching the people concerned including replacing the ear of the soldier that Peter had cut off, healing a woman from bleeding and a man who had leprosy.

Even amongst Christians, awareness of the real nature of Covid is very low and I think most people prefer to switch off and do what they are told. I have to be very careful how I mention it in case I alienate people so I just content myself with the occasional comment about the absurdity of masks etc.

The organiser of the ZOOM meeting said that he had a mailing list of 90 men. I was surprised to see only four people show up that is apart from me and the organiser. I suggested that he write a letter to everybody, not scolding them saying what a good time we had and the topics that we discussed hoping that they would feel free to join next time. When we write e-mails we need to see it from the point of view of those who receive it not from our point of view.

People who write stuff – and I’m sure I’m included in that – tend to take others’ knowledge for granted. For example I have no fear of ZOOM but I know some people don’t like any form of technology and put this ‘needs must’ phenomenon into that category. It is indeed a very useful piece of kit and you can for example chat to one person or everybody, the organiser can run a poll to get people’s opinions and can be more efficient than a real-life meeting.

I celebrated evening for more than one reason. This was the first time in my 76 years that I’ve heard the word ‘previnent’ never mind used it. It is an adjective with framing news, one of which is going before or preceding, the second is anticipating or expectant of something, or thirdly and antecedent to human action. I don’t know how often I will use that word but it’s nice to have it in my toolbox.

What I hear you ask am I wearing on my head


I have designed my own particular face covering to defend myself against Covid 19. You may spot certain weaknesses in the design of my original concept. I can tell you that it is no more effective than facemasks. A Covid 19 virus ( actually quite a useful worker in the body) has no trouble getting through all round the side of masks aided by the ingress or explanation of air. These viruses are very small as I have mentioned so I thought I would make a small contribution to society which I intend to mass produce and see how many people are stupid enough to wear them.

Off to Bath to take Françoise to have a tooth removed, the one in the front top, and have it replaced. By some miracle I got her an appointment at very short notice at Wellsway Dental Practice in Bath.

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Whilst she was in the surgery I went for a wander around and saw this leaflet which impressed me quite a lot. It shows me that the locals are looking after each other and have got themselves organised.

I went to get a coffee for the takeaway variety made a mistake as I discovered of asking for soya milk which according to a report by my digestive system contains some artificial chemicals. I will get it right one of these days.    I love Bath stone. I spotted a sign of Halloween in the window of an adjacent house.

Françoise emerged in a semi-anaesthetised state and found it very difficult to talk because she had a tooth in an unfamiliar position; she was told that it would take a few days for the new brain connections to be made.

Our weekly ZOOM meeting to discuss Covid went very well. We had 12 people. Evidently in Spain the conditions are far worse than here in the UK. Everyone without exception has to wear a mask in the street and police are going round with smug smiles equipped with guns and batons.  All this for a virus that stopped being dangerous about five months ago. Is there any limit to what the public will put up with?

A trip up Cley Hill, Somerset


Well, when I say trip I really mean scramble because although it looks very beautiful from a distance the gradient is very steep and when the ground is wet as it was today you have to be very careful not to slip and slide. It is 244m in height.

Cley Hill has lots of legends attached to it. There is a legend that the hill was formed by the devil, when he dropped a sack of earth with which he had planned to bury the town of Devizes. He had retrieved the earth from Somerset and was travelling to Devizes when he stopped to ask an old man the distance to the town. The man replied that he had been walking for years to reach Devizes, so the devil abandoned his plan.

The National Trust in their wisdom accepted it as a gift, and the 66-acre of chalk grassland was notified as a biological sites of special interest in 1975. It was gifted to the charity in 1954 by the six Marquess of Bath.

looking up from the bottom, Françoise in the picture
looking from the top down
some gorse at the top, I imagine the only thing that can survive the winds

There is a connection between this place and my first child now deceased. His ashes were buried near this place.

To Mells for a lovely take away latte and sipped it whilst viewing an adjacent stream, swollen by the rain.

…and so to home for lunch. Françoise made a lovely colourful salad which I picture below.


Sodden ground; unpleasantness in my Working Mens Club


Today, continuous rain, sodden ground and roads awash with deep puddles that slow the cars down and cause the steering to drift if you’re not careful. First of all, we went to have a look at the state of our favourite ford, in Wellow near Bath and found it in a fairly torrential state but nothing like what it is capable of with really bad weather.


Afterwards, we went for a walk in and Ammerdown Forest or should I say wood. We noticed copious amounts of gum coming from the pine trees and wondered what purpose that served at this time of year. I’m sure it’s full of good things and has many uses but a quick Internet search didn’t find much.

sodden foliage

On the way back home, we popped into one of my favourite haunts, Radstock Working Mens Club. I’m so used to going there that I forgot the added restrictions. Now, we cannot go to the bar and order. We have to sit down, someone has to write down our contact details and we order a drink while being seated. This must add to staff costs enormously.

When we entered the bar one of the regulars reminded us through sign language that we had to put a mask on. I simply said that we were exempt. We sat down but a woman not too far away complained about our ‘inconsiderate behaviour’. She was not the brightest button in the basket so I just told her she didn’t know anything and it was the law that if we were exempt we didn’t have to wear a mask. Her reply was “bollocks”.

We looked around and saw no that no one seated was wearing a mask. They think that  to move around the bar you need a mask on for example when you go to the toilet. Then go back to your seat and take it off again. This virus is indeed exists is quite intelligent, it can only detect moving objects. If you sit still drinking and talking to your friends it will not detect you but as soon as you move it will try and jump on you and cause havoc. For such a tiny object 1 µ in diameter it has amazing intelligence. Also, if we think about the 2 m rule it knows that if there is wind it has to brace itself and not move with the wind and contaminate the next person. It also knows it must not circulate in air-conditioning. This must be the most intelligent virus ever created.

It did maybe a bit sad though because the place I know and still love is very informal and you just roll in and chat. Let us hope this madness stops. I was very encouraged to receive a video statement from an international lawyer based in Germany showing that a mass legal suit is on the cards against the government for relying on misleading testing. I have circulated this to all the people I know and we can all cheer up a bit.

Later… The rain has stopped for the moment but it is now dark and for the first time I’m tempted to have a real fire in the living room.

A quiet time in the incessant rain


Back home and into the ordinary routine, going to buy milk and other necessaries, sitting in front of computers hopefully getting wise with what we read. Françoise is having trouble with her teeth or rather a break in one of her teeth. She is due to see the dentist on Wednesday so we decided to cancel the visit by two friends from Thursday to Monday next week and the week afterwards. She is worried about the effect on her of the operation and I totally understand.

Today, I must write to all the allotment to ask them for rent for the forthcoming year. Yesterday I had a committee meeting with our local Council and agreed the way forward. We did it by ZOOM which I’m getting quite used to now, perhaps too used to it.

I went along to the printing place to collect some work. I do notice in people a sense of humour and this makes communication much easier. The lady on reception to the place I went to was without any scintilla of humour and I found it very difficult to talk to her. She had no feeling about a nuance of a statement. It was very much like talking to a robot. I think a sense of humour is essential to getting on with life and if you don’t, you made life very difficult for yourself.

It looks like there’s going to be very little gardening if any this year. I have a couple of regular jobs but that won’t do much. I decided to cut back a little bit and cancel my subscription to This Week. Most of it is a summary of what has gone on the past week and apart from the odd amusing article I think I can live without it. I should spend more time reading real books.