Trouble with my computer

If there’s one thing I need to rely on and that is my computer, resplendent with two screens. I need two screens because I transferred data from one database to another and I can’t bear or should I say find it difficult to have two screens on one. You can either have side-by-side versions or top and bottom. Either is a severe compromise.

I asked my techie friend to install Windows 10. I have windows seven at the moment but this is going out of fashion as some software does not support windows seven. I’ve had it for years so it’s probably about time I changed.

There is no such thing as the perfect upgrade. The main thing was that I didn’t lose any data but unfortunately my second screen did not load. The screen could not see the computer and vice versa. I was assured that it would correct itself overnight but it did not happen. I was told I should have left the computer on so it could freely conversed with Microsoft headquarters and get itself aligned. Although there is a card in there windows 10 did not recognise it. I may need another card. It is very difficult to get back to using one screen while I wait for the technician to return.

To add to it all, I spilled some coffee on my keyboard. This is not to be recommended and is the first time I have ever done it. No matter how diligently you clean it, one or two keys will be irrevocably damaged and in my case it was the key ‘a’ and ‘e’. Try typing a sentence without using the letter a. Fortunately, I had a spare keyboard in the loft so it was summoned back to duty. My motto is, never throw anything away because you never know when you will need it. I avoid throwing anything away ; in this case it was so worn that some of the letters could not be seen.

This weekend we have the Alternative View 11 full of good speakers as usual but this time it will not be in an hotel but virtual so the only comfort of that is that we pay less, £44.44 for some strange esoteric reason.

I was disgusted to read that in Ireland, people had been kicked out of a church during a service. All this for a virus that does not exist. God help the governments when people finally find out.