Days merge with each other


Françoise just had a chat with someone who lives in London. They told her that journeys by bus can take longer because they are changing the architecture of the streets to accommodate more social distancing, all this is based on a lie, how can the government get out of this I wonder.

On Friday I went to see someone who wanted their garden done. Pensioner who met me seemed a little bit fraught but he was grateful enough to see us. It was quite plain that his wife ruled the roost. I gave a quote for the garden but said that the cost of removing the rubbish could not be determined as we were not sure about the volume. On Saturday morning he rang at 8:30 telling us that we should not come and start the work because he wanted the final estimate for the cost of taking away. I told him that I thought it would be between £50 and £100 but could not be certain because we have not started the job. Even got very short with me and started making personal comments about my competence, track record etc and ended up by putting the phone down. It’s not very often that this happens to me but I have a rule that if something starts badly it will go on badly and I never do work for such people even go in loss of income.

I have a feeling that my new vicar, Rev Adam, and I are not on the same wavelength. no one has mentioned COVID and I would like to discuss it is only to give added help and support to those people who have found themselves on their own. At the ZOOM  meetings I cannot focus on the topic and cannot really make a meaningful connection which means that for the most part like a zombie just watching. This is not helpful for me, and it must be confusing for the few other people who attend the meeting. Unless something happens, and I’m not saying it will or it won’t, I doubt if I will be an enthusiastic member of the church for much longer.

With Covid, certainly in the UK, the number of videos of people criticising the government is increasing and I think it’s only a matter of time before their position becomes unstable. The government are quite determined that a second wave is going to happen and are simply ignoring the public in pursuit of their own goals which are anti-aesthetic with the economic health of this country the United Kingdom. Does the whole place have to actually collapse before they see the error of their ways?

My stomach is under control largely because I have decided to limit myself to 2 meals a day, not eat after 6 PM, take an allopathic pill for my Barrett’s oesophagus every other day, and be careful about drinking anything alcoholic in the evening. I know Barrett’s can develop into something more serious, for example cancer, but I think if I live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle that is quite unlikely.

I’m looking forward to attending the Trafalgar Square meeting next Saturday. The police are quite happy to let Black Lives Matter events go ahead but they are being aggressive towards anything 5G or Corona and some people in Trafalgar Square were being arrested for not having masks and given fines.