An unexpected psychic reading given to me


Today is Saturday. I normally buy my ration of meat from the local butchers and today was the turn of pork. I buy a roll of pork for about £10 and get about seven meals out of it. We then went to buy fresh eggs from a farm for which we pay one pound for six very large eggs.

We then went to the gardening job which I previously referred to to continue our work, this time trimming a tree. There is a definite art to trimming. When artists paint a picture of a step back from the canvas to look at it and it is the same thing with tree shape is not obvious when you’re standing underneath it so you need to go some distance away perhaps 25 m or so and see how it will look and what it needs.

During our preliminary talk with the customer she asked us if we wanted a tea leaf reading. This is a form of clairvoyance that some people will be familiar with. I think she’s psychic anyway so it doesn’t really matter what the catalyst is. She told me that my son was 41, actually he is 42 years of age just turned so that wasn’t a bad estimate. I have some readings on myself. She saw lots of clarity and said there was considerable love between myself and Françoise. We knew that but it’s always nice to be told by somebody else. She saw that I had lots of good friends and that I was appreciated.

We left the job on a high. Sometimes, the jobs are not exciting but if the relationship between ourselves and the customer is good we get the feeling that we are working for the greater good, the universe, and it doesn’t seem like work. I can tell a successful job when I feel we move lively  at the end than when we start.

This evening I had a talk with someone from California called Tim.
Tim wanted to join my ZOOM group for discussing Covid. On the particular Skype call he was joined by his wife Alexandra. They were both on the same wavelength and seemed particularly enthusiastic about meeting people on the same level of understanding so I invited them to the next ZOOM meeting this next Wednesday.