Starting a new ZOOM group – a practical example

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Irrespective of how long I have been in the field, I love starting new things. If something is there in the ether but has not been manifested in the physical form I feel strangely secure. I always felt this way and I cannot explain it

This evening I had cause to be the founder or coordinator of a new specialist group that was conceived only last week as an offshoot of an existing group. I feel that all new groups for whatever purpose must be seen to be experimental because unless the chemistry is right, people will not feel comfortable and thus not be willing to participate.

I mentioned the formation of my new group at last week’s meeting and people were invited to give me their email address if they were interested. We got a total of 16 people and tonight’s meeting was the fruit of that. I would like now to discuss how I ran the meeting and particularly to clients like zoom or Skype in this case zoom.

With people who have never met before and do not know each other there is always a higher risk but in this case there was something in common which was a topic we call dowsing. If everyone starts with something in common then the meeting is more likely to be a success as indeed it was in this case.

I started by asking everyone to introduce themselves and tell us how they first became interested in this topic. This was only possible because we had only about 10 members. I’m very much in favor of smaller groups.

I then went round again and asked people if their interesting occupation had caused any problems with family members. There is a tendency amongst evangelicals to call any alternative method or science the work of the devil.  That was the case with one of us who had a fundamentalist sister and another who had a Jehovah’s Witness friend.

On the other hand, It became clear that each participant had a markedly different background and a set of skills which was unique in each case. This was a great thrill to see.

Someone said that although they were good at the diagnostic technique they did not trust their own results. This ‘jumped out’ at me and I decided to focus on supporting that particular person in their efforts. I asked everyone else if they could contribute anything and three or four people did.

As this was a new group we needed to set the rules for example periodicity of the meetings, day, time etc.It is very easy, and indeed a trap, to decide things for people without spelling it out and getting everyone to agree. You will pay for that in the longer term in terms of unrest and lack of coordination

It was decided that the group meets once a month and that Tuesday would be a good day and seven pm would be a good time. There was some discussion about whether meetings should be recorded as one person said that they were inhibited if a recording was made and they were not sure where it would go.

I responded by saying that I had never had a case of anyone who was embarrassed by recorded material during Zoom sessions and also that certain personal matters were probably not suitable for a group and should be discussed by personal message or email.

The duration of each group session was also discussed. Some felt that an hour was too short and that in another group they were just getting going when they had to stop. I suggested one hour 15 minutes as default time but said that if the chemistry was there that talk could continue.

Please note that zoom organizers receive a copy of the meeting in three parts, the soundtrack, the full video, and the chat. The copy normally arrives about 15 minutes after the meeting has ended but make sure you arrange the settings to record on the cloud and not on your computer

NB If anyone is new to zoom and or is going to run a zoom meeting and could use some help I will be glad to give it. You can find the contact details on this website.

There will be no charge for such advice.

Brian, Editor

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