Weaving in old times

An unexpectedly sunny and calm day so I picked up my wife from Timsbury where she is doing an art class and we drove straight to Trowbridge. This town is for the most part unexciting then as my readers will know I already visited this week but I wanted to take my wife to see the Trowbridge Museum which is in the main an account of the weaving trade and various other local trades in the 17th to 19th century. It is a wonderful museum, overfull with interesting things and the good news is that they are hoping to extend the space to the floor above, which hopefully will happen by 2020.

The return journey was elongated by an accident to the south of the city so we went through half of Wiltshire on our way back via Frome to Midsomer.

An evening listening to a concert at the Royal Festival Hall featuring Lighati and Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe. I really must spend more time listening to real music then staring at images on a screen.  I’m slowly accumulating members to my new Meetup group. My group has been up for 24 hours and I have 11 members so far. The last person who joined was a member of 57 other groups. I wonder whether he’s just got divorced and wants to spread himself around. The problem is somewhat similar to dating agencies, the technology is there but the quality of contact is very variable if I can say that.

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