Goggle box and Trauma


This is a day of working, reading and watching videos. I am fascinated with energy techniques such as EFT (google it). We waste so much energy endlessly recycling imagery, I could describe it as a blood clot with nowhere to go. This is a slow motion trauma just as insecure as if not more so than the traumatic effect or say a road accident, but because it is slow drip you don’t notice. I am reading a book by a doctor and researcher who has been studying trauma for the past 30 years. He is a Dutchman called Bessel van Der Kolk and the book I’m reading is called “the body keeps the score.”

it’s interesting that there is no such thing as an event that is intrinsically traumatic. For example, a car accident. A person might crash their car, rollover a couple of times, and walk away and think nothing of it. Someone else may experience dreadful trauma just walking through a door greeting a group of strangers. Our propensity to feel traumatised goes back to a previous experience where we were unable to deal with the emotion and were not able to allocate it to any particular cause, or if we could attribute it we could not deal with it through facing it.

I showed my Other Half an art exhibition from the Mall Gallery in London. I use my Galaxy 9 inch tablet and was able to film the whole show. I know it’s not quite the same, but the definition is enough to give a very good impression of the various works and it was certainly better than missing the show altogether as she did due to illness.

It was the UK budget today and the chancellor of the exchequer managed to go through the whole thing without mentioning once the poor and the needy and the marginalised. In a therapeutic situation I would call it schizophrenia. Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the opposition did his best to respond, but I notice that the chamber of the House of Commons was half empty. About 10 min into his speech.

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