A quick visit to London

My partner Francoise heard that her best friend was near to death, so I have taken her to the bus station in Bath to go on a quick day return to London. he is already unconscious and has not taken food or drink, which is one of the signs of impeding demise but we decided that although he may not recognise her consciously the power of her thought and her caring would in some way communicate with her.

I visited a new garden customer today, Reg, who told me that he was an amputee and could therefore not carry on with his gardening. He had thrombosis in his left leg accompanied by much pain and when the doctors advised him that they will have to have to remove the leg he was delighted.   He told me that his wife had died two years ago and she did all the gardening. He has had the sense to ask a firm for a plastic lawn which actually looks quite lovely and all it needs is an occasional brush. He was quite happy for me to sit down and talk about the old days as many old people do because they have nothing to do apart from watch the TV.

It is very easy to be critical but he says that even with his artificial legs he can barely get around the bungalow never mind get out and about. He is part of an invisible army of people who need more contact. Because they don’t go around demonstrating people forget about these previously hard-working souls who have just been left and abandoned. However, Reg gets good support from his family, including his grand-daughter, who comes and cleans and his daughter, who arranges for shopping deliveries from Tesco. Many people do not even have this.

Exciting days – I do love technology, though it has a downside. I have been tracking my Other Half on the National Express coach tracker coming back from London. All coaches are attached to the GPS system so you get a minute by minute update and I was able to see whether she had a chance of getting a local bus which was due to leave 5 min after the national coach arrived. I was able to give a commentary by text.  eventually it arrived 22.52 and the bus was due to depart 22.55. She caught it. This meant I did not have to go and pick her up, which I wouldn’t have minded doing. I wonder what they did in the days before any sort of technology, even the telephone. Perhaps they used their inherent psychic powers like we could all do we wanted to.

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