Priston Prosecco is the order of the day


So there they were, these glasses of bubbly, full to the brim and laid out in a rather seductive manner. How could I resist? I had a glass of Prosecco for £3 served by two delightful ladies which set me up for the afternoon.

The village of Priston has a population which at the last official count is listed as 232 souls, but today I saw at least three times that due to the attraction of the May Day Festival which is held annually on, guess when, May 1st.

The event is centred around the village hall for which funds are being sought and all profits go to charity as they say. Behind the pub and the village hall is a small car park where stall holders were plying their trade.

There was a stall selling crêpes which to my mind was the most doubtful value of all. I have enclosed a price list which you see. The owner was just making a layer of flour and milk as you do and putting a dusting of various ingredients, for example Nutella, and charging £4. I would say the value of ingredients was about £0.30. Maybe he gave the profits to the Village Hall so I will maintain an open stance towards this.

a formidable array of home-cooked cakes
a whole squadron of cream teas waiting to fly off the table

On the other hand there was an amazing collection of cakes and scones in the village hall. I was so greedy I had two cakes both of which were delicious, and were home made by the local ladies. The cost was £2 for a generous slice of cake and scones. I had two cakes.

There was enthusiastic and varied Morris and Maypole dancing plus the local Radstock Brass Band who played a series of upbeat numbers.

a happy band indeed

I don’t think they get paid anything for this so well done for turning out in all weathers, sometimes travelling distances but always in the service of the community.

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. Does he ever go off duty

I spotted Jacob Rees-Mogg MP for North East Somerset who is going to be out of a job on 5 May when Parliament dissolves in time for the election on 8 June.

the sign which you cannot see says ” ice cream for sale”

There was a splendid lady who went around selling ice creams with a sign round her neck a bit like a bib. She was very charming and personable and I hope she eventually sold a lot of product.

I had a chat with a man who had a strange elongated watch, which turned out to be a Garmin HealthWatch, it is called a Vivosmart HR+ with GPS activity tracker. It does everything except make tea.

It registers the number of steps you’ve made during the day, your pulse rate, in fact any type of physical activity. It has an inbuilt GPS which tracks distance and pace while at the same time mapping your progress. The man only bought this gadget a couple of weeks ago but he’s very excited about it like a kid with a new toy.

a general gaggle of people in the area behind the village hall and the pub

This event was the best example of a free and easy experience where quite frankly you could to stop and talk to anyone, say outrageous things, and nobody minds. It is pleasant to be in the company of intelligent and well educated people. For a start they know how to behave and there is a level of acuity and awareness in the atmosphere which I appreciate and in which cocoon I feel at home.

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