Hi Fi installation and tool thefts


Saturday 9 July 1664 click to read Pepys Diary

This morning I said a fond farewell to my son, who in a week’s time is going back to Colombo in Sri Lanka to continue his noble career of teaching English as a foreign language. My son is nearly 40 and we have gone through phases of not being in contact with each other but on this occasion we managed to have a long chat about important things. he loves  being in Sri Lanka but is only there because his visa is tied to his position at his English school. If he were to leave the school he would be quickly and forcibly expelled from the country.

I had a bizarre conversation today with a potential customer. She is from the USA need I say any more. I explained that I had researched what she needed in her garden, which she was preparing for sale with the house, and that I did not want to spend more than a certain amount of her money. What was noticeable was that she spent entire time repeating what she wanted and saying that she could do some of the work herself. I realise that this woman was not able to make any mental contact with anybody else. I have to say that this is very common amongst Americans and one of the reasons why I stopped doing intuitive or psychic readings for anyone from this part of the world. They hear what they want to hear, ask advice, and end up doing what they were going to do anyway. They have been so traumatised that they live in their own world and are unable to think outside it. After putting the phone down on her, I wrote the following letter:

Dear M,

I feel uncomfortable because there is a clear lack of trust (or exhibition of doubt) on your part and lack of communication in general.
You have a strong urge to do things yourself and in spite of my efforts did not really hear what I was proposing.
In my experience, if the job starts with misunderstanding that’s normally the way it continues so I think I will decline.

Yours sincerely

Today I had a new hi-fi installation installed. I have four speakers mounted on the wall which enables me to play music at a low level and have it delivered completely clearly to me. I also have thousands of Internet radio stations to choose from, though quite what use they will be I’m not sure.

The installation went without difficulty. This is because I figured out beforehand exactly what I wanted, wrote a series of questions down and e-mail them to the installers a few days before they came.  They were able to bring all the equipment that might be needed. I do try to be the ideal customer and make sure they had copious amounts of tea and coffee whenever they wanted it. I reckon a cup of coffee every one and a half hours is about right.

We had a chat with the installers. They said they did not like doing installations in Bath because they experienced the people as snobby and uncaring. They said that on more than one occasion they worked the whole day without even being offered a cup of tea and that at the end of the day the customer would apologise and say “oh I’m sorry I forgot to offer you tea”.

In my gardening work I met a chap who’d have his entire set of gardening tools stolen from his Vobster (name of a place) shed, valued at about £1500. He said he felt like crying because he was so attached to his tools especially his chainsaw. We agreed that this theft was so pathetic because someone will probably sell them in the nearest pub for £20. He said he would have been glad to pay to get them back. I resolved to be more careful with locking up my tools and not allowing them to be seen in the car.

Today I started Garden work at 6 PM because it was so hot that even standing in the humidity, sweat dripped down me and at my age I must be careful not to over exert myself.

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