Pepys Diary 10 July 1664  

and there my wife fell to putting things in order against her going to-morrow, and I to read, and so to bed, where I not well, and so had no pleasure at all with my poor wife.

I’m sure many wives throughout the world could echo this sentiment. I had occasion to speak with the lady for whom I was doing gardening. It appears that her husband had cirrhosis of the liver due to many years of drinking. He is now in a care home and she told me many stories including one night when he woke up foaming from the mouth and having a fit. It is amazing how important the liver is and if it is destroyed by whatever means the whole body suffers.

I also knew one or two people who suffered from this condition. One person I know gets aggressive when you asked them why they are drinking so much when all you are trying to do is to help them. The customer had had the same experience with her husband. He turned on her. There is evidently a local pub that opens at 10 o’clock in the morning and he was often seen waiting for the doors to open. She eventually gave up and divorced him.

She told how the person next door suffered from a similar condition. He pressed his buzzer but could not get to the door and there was no one else at home. The police and the ambulance had to break in to his house at three o’clock in the morning to get in.

You’d be surprised about the number of people who take a fall at home. My wife’s mother fell down one evening and had to lie on the floor until next morning when the carer came. She still did not want to go into a home but eventually succumbed. I think she found being in a home surrounded by people who were barely conscious and most demoralising event. She did have room to herself but had to sit with the same three people at the meal table and they have nothing to say to each other or should we say very little of any consequence. I think the lack of stimulus hastened her demise but she did live to a hundred and three so that wasn’t bad really. Maybe it’s the quality of food and drink in Lyon, France, the birth place of my wife and her mother.

My hedge cutter decided to fall into a state of demise when the casing on the gear broke leaving the innards exposed. I was just about within guarantee though the warranty was three years so I rang up the firm and although I did not send my guarantee card off they made an account for me and decided that the best thing that could be done would be to send a new machine. They told me to dispose of the old one. I still have this idea about not bothering people but on this occasion I was really annoyed and I maintained a firm but courteous approach. I suppose it’s the old maxim, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Today I have taken delivery of a strimmer but like so many Chinese made instruments the instruction book is woefully inadequate. The harness is very difficult to work out and the instructions just say ” put on the harness”. Well mate I would like to see you try if you don’t know which end is which. Anyway there is a helpline which I will call tomorrow so hopefully I will get a good result.

Incessant rain this afternoon, good for the garden but not for gardening. I finished my morning gardening job just before the rains came.

We are enjoying our  new hi-fi. There are hundreds of Internet radio programmes. One of them is of continual sounds of the sea. Anyone can start an Internet radio channel. It costs very little to maintain unless you have enormous bandwidth but how nice that anyone can do it


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