Baby Driver – Thunderstorms


Monday 18 July 1664   this is a link to the Samuel Pepys website. I’ve missed a couple of days but you will find all in some considerable detail if you click on the above links and change the dates.

amazing mixture of clouds in a grand symphonic performance

last night was a night of amazing storms with voluminous brain accompanied by cracking thunder and lightning that lit up the sky. We were both woken up and went to sit in the conservatory to watch the spectacular effect. This morning, parts of southern Bristol and Keynsham were without water because of a burst water main.  The sky gradually cleared and the sun broke out about 10 AM.

So I went to see the much advertised film Baby Driver. The cinephotography was superb and bought the level of quality of car chases up a few notches. I remember being impressed by Steve McQueen in ‘Bullit’ many years ago but this is so far ahead of this. The young man who was such a good getaway driver had been traumatised by being in the same car in which his parents were both killed by driving into a wall during inattention. He had not recovered from this and could only escape by playing loud music by his headphones and by the fast driving of cars. The mental turmoil he was in was plain for all to see. I will not spoil the film for anyone who wants to go but it riveted me in my seat for the 130 min duration. Going to a daytime showing is not the most atmospheric of experiences. There were about 50 people in the movie house and everyone was silent all the time.

laurel leaves vary in size and lack discipline so it is much more difficult to create a good effect

Gardening orders come in fits and starts. Yesterday morning I had a call from a chap who wanted his hedge cut because he had put his shoulder out. We found some time to do it and he was so pleased with the quality of our work that he gave me a tip. Hedge cutting is an art. I have three or four tools that I use. A low power electric hedge cutter, a higher power telescopic  hedge cutter, shears and clippers. I hear you ask why is there a need for such a variety. This is because of the nature and size of the leaves. For example laurel leaves are large and greasy so they just bounce off a higher speed electric cutter. What you have to do then is to manually cut with sharp shears especially at the top. It is absolutely vital to stand back from your work and see whether the level of the hedge fits in with the landscape. Very few hedges are straight and very few hedges are on level ground and unless you meld the whole  into the landscape it looks out of place. I have decided to focus in my advertisements on hedges and clearing only as we are best at that and it does not seem like work.

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