Pulling out all the stops part 2

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And so, on to Mells. No matter how many times I visit this small out of the way village, it has something new to offer. it has a church with a row of monastic dwellings, a garden tea place, a barn built in 1400 A.D., a clear water stream, plus a post office come shop, baker, newsagent and cafe rolled into one. It is the ideal unit for a small village come tourist centre.

Wildflowers in the Tea garden

apples coming on

general view of the garden – overgrown somewhat

eating area

informative signage

Sun reflection

a fern in a tree

a thatched house I dread to think of the cost of replacing the thatch

a reminder of servants of yore

a font with a thoughtful quotation “Thyself thou gave’st thy own worth then not knowing”

a provocative leaflet

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