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Monday 12 September 1664

…Thence by coach to St. James’s, and there did our business as usual with the Duke; and saw him with great pleasure play with his little girle, —[Afterwards Queen Mary II.]— like an ordinary private father of a child….

As someone said to me, everyone sits on the loo. We tend to glorify those in the public eye and sometimes are cruel and judgemental to them, not realising that they are human as well. I do not include known psychopaths who run the planet but ordinary Joes doing what they are best at.


So after yesterday’s mammoth writing spree (which I enjoyed) today its the turn of images. When I am walking out I am ALWAYS on the alert for images and form. I do not know why. It is not an intellectual thing. Some sad souls could call it sad but for me it is part of life.  Formless is boring. Structure is interesting.  I was on my way to a friend in Bath when I saw this in a garden – just having been freshly cut down.

what a feast of historical information is contained here

Now folks did you know that many flowers are EDIBLE. These below are nasturtiums and we grow them in great clumps on our allotment. They are delicious when eaten and have a touch of pepper flavour. I can eat a couple of dozen at one sitting and feel refreshed. No chemicals No after effects this is health food directly from nature. Can we cope. Try guys it might benefit you in some way you never know.

don’t get paranoid about eating flowers but check google for ‘edible plants’ first.



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