Shepton Mallet in words and a pictorial tour Pt. 1


Wednesday 2 November 1664

…Up betimes, and down with Mr. Castle to Redriffe, and there walked to Deptford to view a parcel of brave knees —[Knees of timber]— of his, which indeed are very good, and so back again home, I seeming very friendly to him, though I know him to be a rogue, and one that hates me with his heart.

Is Pepys being a hypocrite? Diplomacy does not imply lack of integrity. It means that if someone is in a negative state of mind you withdraw and let them sort out their situation in their own time. It is unlikely that words of admonition would change anything.


And now <fanfare of trumpets> a mostly pictorial guide of Shepton Mallet for those who have an interest in Somerset in general and  this town in particular or are thinking of living in it. Semi-detached average £221,616; terraced £170,651 and detached £272,328 (Nov 17)

This is a pictorial diary in chronological order of our visit.

Friday is market day
more detail
rules as they were in the 1950’s
cross building now
This cross was on the main road
I wonder how old this signage is
Stall holder trying not to be photographed
What can I say
healthy plants for sale

continued in Part 2,


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