Addendum – Bath on a rainy night

Continued from Bath Film Festival 2 – We had some time to kill between the end of the first showing 19.30 and the start of the next film 21.00 so we went forĀ  wander, camera in hand. We walked across town (10 minutes is all it takes) and photographed along the way. It was full moon and a clear sky. It was Sunday night so very few people were out in contrast to the crowds on the balmy night before. We may not get the perfect photograph with a common or garden mobile phone but the atmosphere is definitely caught.

a bridge with shops on (Ctrl and + repeatedly to enlarge)
patrons waiting to get into the comedy club. The full moon shines down the street.
end of the world scenario
surreal to see a deserted place usually frequented by groups of tourists.
shops for the well to do part 1
shops for the well to do Pt 2
ditto part 3
seductive colours
C’mon girls, let’s party
Expensive but you get more pile for your money than in London

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