Pepys and music – the ideal restaurant environment

Sunday 13 November 1664

(Lord’s day). This morning to church, where mighty sport, to hear our clerke sing out of tune, though his master sits by him that begins and keeps the tune aloud for the parish. Dined at home very well, and spent all the afternoon with my wife within doors, and getting a speech out of Hamlett, “To bee or not to bee,” without book. In the evening to sing psalms, and in come Mr. Hill to see me, and then he and I and the boy finely to sing, and so anon broke up after much pleasure, he gone I to supper, and so prayers and to bed.

A wonderful sense of humor here and I am again impressed by Pepys’ use of music as a recreational preference.


Francoise took me to lunch today at a place called the Blue Bowl, near West Harptree. I am as cautious as they come with regard to eating out in any form but here was a good old fashioned place. What gives it kudos is that many local people come regularly as well as those from up to 30 miles away. I had a very good cod, actually there were two such fish with chips and vegs all for £9.95. It’s not often you get such quantity and quality for under a tenner. The soup was Stilton and leek and both came out of the bowl in technicolor.

plenty of room to breathe and be private

The waitresses have been working there for a long time. One six years and one ten years. Evidently they ‘like the management’. Well  done whoever you are. Long serving staff is always a good sign. One of them has to drive from Wells.
Another two Plus Points. Thee tables are placed quite far from each other so you can have privacy. Secondly there was no music. Blessed be.


We drove back home via Bread and Beyond, an impossibly good bakery in the middle of nowhere. On the table a very clever original ad carefully printed and cut out of an A4 sheet of card.  Such love and care.

10/10 for originality



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