Bath Colourists exhibition plus the ultimate germ collector

Today – Bath Colourists’ Exhibition in Bath – the ultimate germ collector

Pepys Diary Tuesday 15 November 1664

….I to the ‘Change, and thence Bagwell’s wife with much ado followed me through Moorfields to a blind alehouse, and there I did caress her and eat and drink, and many hard looks and sooth the poor wretch did give me, and I think verily was troubled at what I did, but at last after many protestings by degrees I did arrive at what I would, with great pleasure, and then in the evening, it raining, walked into town to where she knew where she was…

One of Pepys’ more unseemly habits. The less said the better, methinks.


This the time time of the month (no, not that time of the month) but my time to go and have my eyes looked at for spaces where they should not be, bleeding, unwanted water – you name it, an examination will occur.

But first, to my favourite buffet restaurant in Bath, Jimmy’s, just opposite the bus station. I have my all-you-can-eat buffet for £6 (sorry folks that’s for pensioners only) but £8.95 for the rest is not bad. During my meal there were three mums with their children, the youngest of which was about 6 months. That child screamed, wailed, screeched and generally made a noise. What does the mother do? Smile. Yea well that’s really effective.

germ collecting machine

Now I ask you, what more efficient way is there of taking germ samples, spreading viruses from coughs and colds, collecting dust particles and providing the ideal conditions for growth i.e. warm and sweet petri dish material right in front of your very eyes.


This was the mess left by the above mentioned group of mums. Now, children are less disciplines but why so much wasted food? Why give it to a child knowing that they will not be interested in eating it. For once I was glad to get out but I still love Jimmy’s. Do a search for Jimmy’s to see all my entries.

Bath Christmas Market minus two days

There will be about 100 stalls selling goodness knows what connected with the idea of Christmas. The place gets over run with visitors from all parts as the stall holders try to get back the significant costs of renting a stall or booth plus accommodation and travel expenses of those coming from overseas. No wonder the goods are expensive and – do I really need them.  More will follow.

Another exhibition at the BRLSI. This time it is the Bath Colourists exhibition. Colourists are people who paint with emphasis on colour (amazingly). Any arty person thinking of moving to Bath will find plenty to occupy them. I was impressed more by the 3D ceramics (see examples) by Sylvia Owen.  Alas her website does not do her justice. The yellow globe is shot out of focus and it is therefore not a good selling aid. There is no doubt of her great talent though. Enjoy.

example one
example 2
ooops did not mean to cut off the top of his head
Laughing Girl, ceramic, £275
example 5 (dont forget to use Ctrl and + to enlarge the images for better effect.
A colourist’s diary

This diary is far too long to make into one page so part two follows.


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