A ‘no diary’ day

For many people in the world, the daily routine is punishing. They find the strength to get up, make some sort of breakfast, deal with children, go off to work often at the national minimum wage, go along to an evening job while the husband looks after the children, and come in at 10 PM exhausted. After a simple meal just designed to keep body and soul together to bed and up again next morning at 5:30 AM

After a few weeks of that, never mind a few years, I would be a nervous wreck. I have no such complaints and live in comparative luxury. Our time is our own and we do more or less what we feel is important. When I get up I have to steel myself to the next bout of Russia bashing. Boris Johnson is likening the state of mind of Putin with the football World Cup to Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games. I think he has taken leave of his senses. I have never seen one person being so abused without any evidence whatsoever.

Today’s task was to make a website. This is the occasion where you have to clear your mind of every single being and focus on the task in hand. Even with a do-it-yourself sites such as WordPress where no HTML is required the architecture of the site is very important. You are not writing the site yourself but for the readers and the question is what will they find interesting and relevant. We have to deal with a very short attention span, say four seconds, before someone moves on to the next entertainment. How do we keep someone’s attention never mind getting them to focus on something important.

Anyway at about a 10:45 yesterday morning I started having been given the basic details by my web provider – WP template, login details etc.By 3:30 PM I had finished and it was published and out there.  No one ever gets something right the first time and the best plan in my view is not trying to do the whole thing to perfect standard but makers start so that people can see what you’re doing and make comments and suggestions. The age of the lonely martyr is over or should be. I’m not talking about writers and Artisans and these people are not martyrs.

The results of my efforts can be seen here. I was very lucky to get a xxx.news domain name. I am bored with .com so although a xxx.news one costs a few pounds more it is much easier to remember. The whole site was introduced at a core tele-meeting of Ubuntu last night where there were 10 of us linked via ZOOM ( like Skype only better) and I was able to show the website via screen sharing. I know that Ubuntu is a platform as well but for some reason the name was chosen to represent a new type of socially conscious back to nature type of group.

I did flop into bed quite late but preceded this by watching Michael Portillo travel round India in his inimitable style. I think Michael will stand out in any country because of his mode of dress and that is a sort of compliment because he wears what he likes.

So, ‘no diary’ has turned into a diary of sorts. It is shorter than my usual offerings but tomorrow will more than make up for it.

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