A day of stillness but sounds of disharmony

Another lovely morning.  I drop my wife off at a sewing workshop at the quilt centre here in Midsomer Norton and on my return went to see a gardening client who wanted me to cut a very large and unwieldy hedge. It is very difficult to estimate an acceptable price because people’s expectations are so different.  Some people have to save every penny and other people are not bothered about the price so long as it’s done.   I never give a price on the spot and always think about it before telephoning them the next day.

Radstock museum is showing an exhibition of virtual reality with respect to the conditions that the Miners had to put up with. I visited and paid £5 for entry which entitles me to unlimited return visits for a year. I saw a somewhat sanitised version of what it must have been like, the lighting was better and I suspect the tunnels larger than they were in real life. I did not realise the extent to which seams have to be abandoned because of a breakout of an underground stream, a not uncommon occurrence apparently.

Back home for a lunch consisting of cooked chicken mixed with mashed potatoes and a few beans. It may not sound very glamorous but it does the fill the corners.   The needs of my stomach a changing and I find that if I have my last meal about 4pm, my stomach settles and  I can have a very good sleep.  Evening meals are only possible if I don’t have lunch.

Prior to that I went again to the new Wetherspoons, thinking of having lunch there but again there were many people waiting and I got the impression they didn’t have enough staff because every day it is full. I think it will take a couple of months to settle.  I heard that last Friday they had their first fight.  I must say that acoustics are very poor and you need to find a quiet corner if you want to actually be heard by your eating companion.

An article of mine on smart meters is going to be published in the local paper on Wednesday.  I was very encouraged to read that in moneyweek.com there was an article entitled  ‘say no to smart meters’. Here is my entry in my 5exposed.com website.   Governments and companies have invested an enormous amount in this fraud and I feel it is backfiring on them.

SM00082   Moneyweek.com   Say no to smart meters.  The government’s money-saving, energy-tracking revolution has turned into another costly damp squib. They were hailed as a technological advance that would save us all money, eliminate billing errors and revolutionise the way we use energy in our homes. But so far, smart meters are proving to be anything but a smart decision….. Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 29 Sept 2018

I’m writing this in the evening.  I have just heard a commotion in one of the houses opposite our back garden. I heard a man’s voice saying ‘get out’   followed by the whimpering sounds of a female.  The amount of domestic cruelty is very great in this country UK  I’m ashamed to say, I’m talking about England now, and I am sure it is amplified by the stresses of earning a decent wage.  There is also a large category of loneliness with   people who live on their own.

I give thanks on a daily basis for the problems that I don’t have and for health and strength –  now off to watch the television.  A busy day tomorrow which will no doubt result in a long diary entry.

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