New Years Resolutions

Looking back on 2018 the only regrets I have are small ones,. When I was having my new site designed by a guy in Romania who really had no clue about what he was doing, he morally blackmail me halfway through the job by saying that he done a lot of work and I needed to pay the first installment.  OK it was a couple of hundred quid so no big deal but it was the fact that I let myself being pushed into something because I really needed the work to be done.

I’ve decided to be more tolerant but less tolerant. I think we need to call out people who are idiotic for examples of Brighton and Hove Council who said that we must assume that boys can menstruate as well as girls this is part of the loony left as they were called and I think the following poster sums it up very well.


My stomach continues to be problematic. I can hardly eat anything without acid pains and believe me the acid is strong so it can eat you up a bit in the wrong place. Let’s hope the medical examination comes soon.

In spite of all I continue to enjoy the peace and quiet. Some people are back at work, some people are not.The roads are half empty. There are long lines outside the recycle. The schools had not yet gone back. Peace reigns for the most part. ahead

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