Post-Christmas Bath

Off for a hospital appointment to talk about my stomach. On the way down the hill towards Bath I saw that the whole area was covered in a sea of mist. With a little imagination it could have been seen as under the sea itself.
My appointment was with a very businesslike Dr Julia Maltby who had read all my notes in great detail and very firmly and clearly told me what the alternatives were. She almost shouted, or should I says spoke very loudly and clearly so I guess the average patient is somewhat deaf. I’m going to have my oesophagus examination under general anaesthetic because I tend to fight so much plus I’m so resistant to the drugs given to calm me that it comes to a fight between myself and the nurses. I don’t want to put anyone through that so the doctor agreed to put me in a specialist clinic for sessions where an anesthetist is required.

I love coming to Bath hospital (RUH) not only because of the pleasant atmosphere but also because of the plethora of art objects which adorn the corridors. Here are a few for your attention.This diffident young lady sums it all up for me. These young women have  already been brainwashed by the perceived need for instant fame, wearing the latest make up, getting recognition by the number of ‘likes’ on your Instagram account. It’s another matter altogether when you are left to your own devices.

Off to the city centre. Not that many people around but those that were were enjoying the Christmas spirit. I popped into the city Art Gallery but could not go into the exhibition because I discovered I lost my Discovery Card. Fortunately, getting a replacement is not difficult.

There was a very nice self portrait of an artist to celebrate his 70th birthday which was on display at the Art Gallery.

Interestingly there were more Japanese tourists around than any other. A possible reason for this is that Japan is not very pleasant at this time of year, it tends to rain a lot and is snowy, so that’s probably why they come as an escape. As I write it is 3° in Tokyo.

Back home to enjoy this quiet period of the year when no one expects you to be in or do anything. We shall probably light the fire although the temperature is too warm for the time of year to justify it but does it really matter?


To a party – and thoughts about some women

Strangely from the timing point of view, we have been invited to a party which starts at 3pm this afternoon. The time and space without pressure at this juncture of the holiday period gives me the opportunity to reflect on certain matters. We are seeing increasing insanity with regard to the play between sexes as I’ve mentioned before and I am going to use this peace and quiet period to record my views for all posterity on people in particular and women in general.

First off, I enjoy the company of men and women equally  but for different reasons. There are many women in my daily life that I have the pleasure of meeting from time to time. However, I find a difference between someone who is female and someone who is what I call a ‘real woman’. In Glastonbury there is the Goddess Centre where Gaia, the spirit of the Earth and the creator, is revered. When we go to Glastonbury we always go in there to have a sit because the atmosphere is so good.

On Friday, the day of the winter solstice, I was sitting there and the lady receptionist came into the meditation room (or should I say stood at the door) and said that they had to close early because there was no one in charge. What struck me was the way she spoke. She realised that she was bringing what was probably a time of meditation to a close prematurely and deferred to this in the form of a slight bowing of the head and acknowledging the unfortunate nature of the situation. I responded immediately with a smile and a joke by cooperating.

I would like to tell you what I find among the women that I see around the Goddess Centre. They don’t have a point to prove. They know that they represent a powerful creative Force. They know they represent mother nature. They know they can bring new life into the world. They know they are blessed with the enhanced perception and intuition that many women have. They know they are complementary to men who have the physical strength to do things that women cannot do so easily. They know that the God and goddess reside within the male of the species also. There is no anger, there is no reactivity, there is gentleness, there is peace, but you wouldn’t want to mess with any one of them in fact it would not be necessary.

I reflect on what I often see in the outside world. I see females prostituting themselves, taking advantage of their physical attraction to the average male, selling their soul for a few moments of fame, emphasising their breasts, plastering themselves with too much makeup trying to imitate some pop star or another. I see them devoid of manners and respect of all males perhaps they don’t have much respect for themselves. In the minds of these angry people especially the politicised ones, all males are potential rapists. I could as well say that all females are potential seductresses denying their responsibility for a result when it suits them. It is very seldom that I meet someone who is what I call a proper woman. In the presence of these angry volcanoes called females I feel uncomfortable and marginalised but in the presence of ‘proper women’ I feel empowered and full of joy especially when conversation occurs which indicates mutual respect.

My conclusion is that the majority of these people have either had bad relationships with their father or a bad experience with the boyfriend or perhaps a boss and instead of seeking professional help they gather together like a swarm of wasps attacking men on the principle that attack is the best form of defence. I think the media are doing absolutely dreadful job in reinforcing these stereotypes. If I ever came into a lot of money, I would promote unity of people principally by publishing good news about achievements both by men and women.

With regard to human beings in general, I think most of us are the walking wounded because we have suffered in some manner or another. When in public I try to be as forgiving as possible to behaviour that may have been caused by events that happened a long time ago and from which people cannot make a break. I have had to learn the hard way not to trust people because I want a trust them but trust people because they have earned my   trust and for this a period of time has to elapse.


Post party

The party was hosted by a lovely couple. The wife is an artist; husband is a teacher and they have two lovely girls – one left home working & living with her boyfriend.  A lot of neighbours and mates came and we were in the minority because we lived some distance away. We met a couple who helped older people to become familiar with computers; he was into IT and repairs and she was into the actual teaching but he wanted to move on and spend more time being a training coach for middle distance runners.

Francoise heard about the local women’s institute, in High Litleton, and I suggested that it might be a good thing for her to try

I met a delightful lady from Bolivia called Paloma  wearing a stunningly colourful dress who came with her young daughter. We met her on the way out of the party but were most impressed with her and Francoise said that it would be nice to meet her again.

The generous amount of food and hot cider punch made me break my non-alcohol vow but since I have not drunk for a week now I gave myself the excuse of the Christmas season so to do.

Altogether a very satisfactory day. A quiet tomorrow, a quiet Christmas Day where I’m going to consume some Lamb that I bought and then off to see relatives on Wednesday. Evidently the car park at Tesco’s was full to bursting.


Winter Solstice – Robert Ward

It is always important to meet kindred spirits, even if you don’t actually speak to them, the vibration or shall we say the energy is in common to enliven and empower the frequently stumbling individual.  We went to Chalice Well, Glastonbury, to celebrate the winter solstice. Although we arrived in good time, about a half an hour before the ceremony at 12, the entering crowd was substantial.  I have never seen so many people gathered together on what was an unseasonably sunny and warm day. I think it was about 14 degrees centigrade.

I had the most delicious parsnip soup, ingredients on the enclosed image; it shows the incredible difference  between ordinary commercial soups and something made with love, caring and understanding.

The traditional fire around which we sit for fellowship
Robert Ward, who complains he is frequently called Richard, lives at the chalice well and we had a very good conversation about eating habits. He some time ago, and I more recently, decided to change our diets.  As you will have read, I have decided to give up alcohol, sugar, dairy products and coffee.
Robert told me  that after the first two or three months, I will lose my desire to drink coffee and the other mentioned classes of food and drink including alcohol. I had to admit that I maybe was drinking coffee to compensate for other things in my diet that were not right. I understand that coffee is a diuretic and removes iron from the blood.    We spoke for 20 minutes on this and other matters including the way the world was going and how we should best prepare ourselves for the further disaster to come.
Gathering in the winter solstice light
We left chalice well at about 1 p.m. For our customary walk around the town. We always stop off at a health food store where we buy something and eat it. I bought some simple bread which I ate. From then I went to Burns the bread in the High Street and consumed the best sausage roll I have ever had which contained sausage all the way inside, a lot of it and piping hot.   For the few days before I had been very much economising on food due my acid stomach ; I did not realise how hungry I was so these were real treats.
W window display in Glastonbury High Street
I resolved to contact Robert and engage him again on my return. He seemed a peaceful and knowledgeable chap. Such is the delight of chance meetings.
Oh, and I like this quote.

U trust vaccines?…. a memorable day….

True, this is America but the same principles apply to UK and anywhere else. there is NO benefit from having vaccinations. Best to keep our immune system healthy through keeping our pH as close to neutral as possible, and having health habits. Vitamin C does no harm at all.

do please watch this video because you will see how completely heartless and cynical the industry is.

I woke up quite early, I think it was about 6:30 a.m., to hear that Gatwick Airport was closed down due to the presence of drones that kept appearing and disappearing. I went on my favourite site, and saw for the first time ever a number of what look like little boxes moving around the airport, I think there were 10 of them..

With hundreds of flights arriving and departing every day, London Gatwick is in the worst mess I have ever known and it must be costing the industry tens of millions of pounds. I hope people are insured because the companies are not obliged to give reimbursements if the situation is beyond their control.

I was watching the news at about 4.30 pm wondering if my dowsing skills could be used. For those of you that do not know, dowsing is for example about finding water and oil using the power of your mind and a stimulant or adjuvant like a pendulum. I am actually quite good at doing dowsing to find people or enquiring about their health.

I received quite a strong impression on tuning in to the unknown person and asked a number of questions. How far were the perpetrators away from the runway? I got at least 400 m and definitely to the west. I pulled up the area using Google Earth and discovered a large hedgerow which separated two fields which was about that distance away, to the west of the runway, and which would give good line of sight to what was actually going on. This would be ideal for a perpetrator.

It takes quite a lot of courage to ring the police so in the first instance I posted a Twitter message to the airport and was told that they could not do anything but I should contact the police. They gave me a reference number. I called 999, and was told in fair but firm terms that I should call 101 and give my details there. After 20 minutes waiting and listening to recorded messages I eventually got through, quoted the reference number that I was asked to give, and give my details including latitude and longitude of where I thought this person was.

I told the call centre that I did dowsing and that I did not expect to be believed but nevertheless had a duty of care to report what I found. I found the whole thing quite nerve-wracking particularly when my body told me that I found something of importance. They asked me my name and phone number as you would expect and if I don’t hear from them again I will not be surprised.


My stomach is well today thank goodness, the bloating feeling is over and I have been having a diet of soup which suits me down to the ground. a quiet evening watching TV. I am being booked to have an endoscopy which I may have any way although I feel better because something is causing all this mayhem.

Enjoy the sun whilst ye may

In contract to yesterday where it rained from dawn to dusk, today dawned bright and still, with a blue sky tempting us to take time out from ‘the daily round and the common chore’ as it says somewhere in the bible.

However in the morning we met a lady called Katy who has lived locally for many years and practises an esoteric healing technique called ‘Kinetic Chain Release. It is based on the theory that our body has become twisted albeit by minute amounts and that the length of the legs has become different. This is evidently a one-shot treatment. Francoise was interested in getting one so we agreed that Katie would call on us on the morrow (Thursday).

We love the Bath and Kennett Canal so made further explorations of it so aimed for a place called Hilperton which is about 2 miles east of Trowbridge (a town where traffic can snark up in a moment). I cannot say that all stretches of the canal are romantic. This section was between fields. At one stage there was an electricity farm (solar cells). We had a couple of chats with the locals. One lady spends here time in the area moving towards where here many family members lives. Barge owners are an independent lot who are quite happy to trade the cold and damp of the winter for the style of life. Another passing lady had three identical miniature dogs, all of whom had reindeer type bells on them. She chose to be private to other canal users.

On the return we stopped off at a health food shop / bakery / cafe and  bought some ‘just going out of date’ pea and potato soup, normally sold for £2.99 but available to us for 76p.  I love these little bargains and the soup was yummy.

My stomach pains persist in spite of eating very little so my theory is that as I am detoxing from four items namely coffee, sugar, dairy and alcohol this is quite a shock to the system and I must tolerate the symptoms of withdrawal. So unfortunate over the Christmas period but needs must.

I note that I have written 459,554 words as opposed to the one million words of Samuel Pepys over 10 years. I have been writing for a little under 2 years. There is no comparison in effort because Pepys wrote meticulously using quill pen and ink and by candle light so his efforts must have taken three times as long. He also wrote daily, which is something I have slipped up on recently. Sometimes there is nothing that I consider worth writing but I am sure I could dredge up some nuance if I so chose.

Dreadful cracker jokes and the holiday wind down

We have been to our usual assembly of Christmas parties for this that or the other club of which we are members. I don’t know what possesses me to even read the jokes but just to remind you of some of them
what do you call a row of men waiting for a haircut?
A barbercue
Why did the tomato blush?
Because it saw the salad dressing
how do you keep  cool at a football match?
You stand next to a fan
the longer it goes the shorter it grows.  what is it?
A candle
how does a snake smell?
by sticking out its tongue
why did Scrooge buy everyone a budgie for Christmas
because they were going cheap
before Mount Everest was discovered which was the highest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest,  as it was the highest mountain before it was discovered.
so there we are, you’ve had your fix of groans.
To my delight, perhaps selfish delight, I have only two fixtures in my calendar before Christmas Day. One of them is the coffee morning tomorrow morning at our local church and the other one is a new friend who is visiting us for coffee on Wednesday.
I shall take this opportunity to hibernate and just do the minimum amount of work that I need to do.  Christmas will not be that exciting for me because due to the problems of my stomach, I have to do a thorough clearance and detox and live on a diet of rice for the next few days. I can then maybe have one or two items  whose PH value is alkaline.  I hope I will be able to have a couple of slices of chicken on Christmas Day  but certainly no alcohol. This will be my first alcohol-free Christmas for many years now, but it’s either that or suffering acidosis which is a horrible thing to do at all let alone on a holiday

I like this time of year because no one expect anything of you particularly between Christmas and the new year. We have the delight of a real log fire.   I may choose  to do some work in the garden because the dead branches and growth needs taking back to the ground (well almost).

A day of (relative) suffering

Stomach acid is strong. It has to be. However, when it goes to places that it should not go, then heartburn is caused. Such is life that I have to suddenly conform to a strict diet, halve the amount of food I eat, and generally discipline myself. After many years this is so difficult. This evening I went to our local garden club’s annual Christmas party and had an innocuous mixture of salad, cheese scones, sausage rolls, half a glass of punch, some delicious trifles and cakes.  Lovely at the time but such a bad idea. After a certain stage no matter how much Andrews Liver salts or alkaline substances you take the pain continues with much vomiting.

Compare this with a programme I watched this evening on TV about Leticia, one of three daughters of the Prince of the UAE who had tried twice to escape from the gilded cage existence. The first time she was recaptured and beaten, held in a completely dark room for weeks at a time and held in solitary confinement for 3.5 years.  The second time she escaped by arrangement and nearly reached India by sea when she was intercepted by UAE guards and taken back to UAE . Since then nothing has been heard of her.  Against that my suffering is about 1% and could be seen as a minor inconvenience. The worst thing is when you lose control over your life and have in effect a prison sentence without end. I think I would go barmy (mad) in this situation.


My readers will recall that I wrote about the fake forest fires in Northern California. Here is another image, this time showing molten metal from car engines forming a rivulet down the street. To do this would require temperatures of 3000 degrees C – forest fires are about 800 degrees. See the increasing number of videos that are appearing on Youtube and other places. Basically the official news is 100% fake. It was directed energy weaponry, lasers to be precise. No wonder people don’t trust the media.

The misuse and abuse of the English language

I do wonder and despair when I hear our beautiful English language being degraded. I cannot blame imported Americanisms for everything so here is a list of my pet hates.

have a nice day, rest of your evening, weekend.
I suppose this is just about tolerable but it implies that the abjuration is necessary to stop someone having a bad day. I have yet to meet someone who says I was having a bad day until someone told me to have a good one and amazingly I did.

Having a good day consists of being grateful for the simple things of life and valuing everyone you meet. It is not precocious and depends on a good philosophy.

I will be honest with you
Ah, so that means you are normally dishonest. Thanks for telling me.

That’s a very good question
As, so most of the time you ask ordinary or irrelevant questions. Every question should be ‘good’ and indeed respected by both parties otherwise it should not be asked.

I was literally shaking with fear
Um how do you shake un-literally. Shaking with fear will cover it.

I will just go and doublecheck for you
frequently used by service agents and I hate it. you examine data, that is stage one. The second stage is to check it. The third stage if you need further confirmation is to double check. You cannot double check before you single check.

May I ask you a (personal) question?
This is the dumbest question ever.  99 to 1 there is a hidden agenda. I would say ‘no’ or grin inanely.

Sorry to trouble you
If you were sorry then why are you doing it? This applies particularly to  beggars in trains (yes, they still exist)

I will just make a quick call
no, you mean a brief call. Quick means you speak quicker?

It is what it is
Whew!   I never thought of that one.

I’m like …….
this is treating yourself as a stereotype. People should own their emotions entirely and describe them from within.

sort of
I heard a man talk about housing development he said ‘ we had sort of 39 houses that need repairing. What is the difference between sort of 39 and 39? Is the uncertain about his facts. I hear even professional broadcasters saying sort of every other sentence and it is profoundly irritating.

Jameen otherwise known as ‘do you know what I mean?’
this person clearly has very limited confidence in their own ability to communicate. If they are communicating something clearly and unambiguously it will be plain to see from the reaction that the other person does not understand or want to understand

If you understand what I’m saying
see above. give the person credit for asking a supplementary question if they don’t understand what’s being said.

hey you guys
I think the word ‘ guys’ is totally overused. I’ve heard it used when talking to one person, or with a group of females, and I think it is pure and simple slovenly. Same goes for ‘how y’all doin.

What was your name
My name is the same as it was last week, this week and next week.  You would not say ‘what was your sex?’   My name is.. would do it for me.

is there anything else I can do for you?
Once again this is taking the customer, usually on the telephone, for an idiot. If there was anything more,  the customer would have mentioned it. I wonder how many times in practice people have said ‘oh yes my goodness I have forgotten, there was one other thing’.

I’m good
do I have to say anything here? When asked how you are,  I don’t want a moral self opinion but a report on your physicality. Good = adjective;  Well = qualifying adverb.

(in hospital) Can you… lift your arm…. for me
no, I will lift my arm because it is necessary in view of the context. I’m not doing it for any particular person, I’m doing it for the sake of the problem

Unnecessary swearing including the f-word
I have never felt comfortable with the gratuitous use of the f word but it is very understandable when someone’s hit there numb with a hammer. I don’t think it has any place in normal conversation, especially when I hear women swear or even worse children swear.

With all due respect
Such hypocrisy. It is normally when you do not respect someone that this phrase is used.

..At this moment in time
the ‘in time’ could be superfluous, but stretching a point it could be an emphasis that time is the key. I would prefer to say ‘at this juncture’ or even …. wait for it …. now.

I’m sure this list will be added to so on this occasion here is an opportunity for audience participation. does anyone have any hate words or phrases. Write to me brian @

Exmouth – where very little happens – and we loved it

So on Friday, late morning, we set off to make the two hour ride to our favourite hotel in Exmouth, which is at the outlet of the River Exe which goes via Exeter to the south coast. This is a 50 mile long river, whose source is near Simonsbath on Exmoor.  This is our fifth or is it our sixth weekend with Shearings, the company that owns the brand name, the coaches and hotels enabling them to offer a cracking good value weekends for £99 a head 3 nights bed breakfast and evening meal.  So that’s the commercial over.

Although we were promised diabolical weather, with wind and rain, most of it happened at night and it didn’t trouble us at all. We arrived 3. 15 and settled in. The routine at the hotel is exactly the same. Dinner between 6:30 and 7pm. This is followed by bingo, a quiz, and some music which is pleasant enough.

Some people are conveyed to the hotel by coach and there was the Geordie (Newcastle area) driver sitting next to us at the meals, very loud and very direct. I thought some slightly uncharitable things but my wife reminded me that being a coach driver is a lonely job, where you have to make difficult decisions on the go, and often have to work long hours. He said to me that once he puts his card in the engine he can only drive for 15 hours and then the engine is cut off or was it that warning sounds come

Going to this area is a bit like stepping back 20 years. The area is not big enough to commercialise thank goodness and much of the resort maintains it’s Olde world charm with restaurants attempting to make a living through the lean months when the sun does not shine and the wind blows.

Walking along the beachfront when the sky is inky black and the main sounds the crash of the waves on the promenade is an unusual experience and requires a certain amount of hardiness. It is however so delightful to get away from the sound of traffic and the site of every other person staring at their mobile phones. I made attempts to keep off my mobile phone as much as possible but in a way was still on duty so I had to deal with my messages once every so often.

The clientele of Shearings are 90% retired people or shall I say people of a conservative nature. Because the group is based in Yorkshire many Yorkshire people tend to come down to the south for a change. Yorkshire people have very dry humour, are very direct, and have a particular sense of humour which I have yet to figure out. The culture of the weekend is that you always chat to the person next to you knowing that you will never see them again. The atmosphere is bland and just right for couples who want to get away from the washing up and have a nice comfy quiet room en suite with breakfast and evening meal included.

Friday afternoon we went to visit our favourite fresh fish shop. This is a shop like no other in that most fish are locally caught including oysters which to the Delight of my wife were in stock and on offer at £1.25 each. Being French, she loves them and I think she consumed 6 during our time there and then took away a further 6 to have in the coming days.

Saturday morning I took my tablet in for repair to a chap sitting at a small stall – apparently his office – in a local market, found it was working correctly after all, and ended up buying a laptop with Windows 10. NB Windows 7 will no longer be supported from April next year.  We decided to go to Sidmouth by bus, another bijou and laid back town but one that is lovely to walk around. We visited the local Museum and my did we get the timing right. We arrived within three quarters of an hour of this establishment  closing for the winter to open again at the end of March 2019. There was an exhibition of lace, many stories about the sea, incredibly lifelike sailors, a joy to behold.

Pictures of Sidmouth




On Sunday we took the train to Dawlish via Exeter where four years ago the British Rail tracks that run by the sea were overwhelmed and damaged during the storm of the 8th of February 2014.  By great good fortune we went into a cafe specialising in gluten-free food and by further great fortune the owner of the cafe  had had some railway workmen in from the repair and they had shown him large-scale photographs of the damage.   For some unaccountable reason they left without taking their photographs with them so he was left with a little piece of History which he showed us.
Dawlish can be seen from Exmouth, it’s about 2 miles away across the river but because there is no ferry in winter months you have to make a 50 minute journey by train to go in to Exeter and out,  not that this worried me because I love train journeys.  On the way back a blind lady entered carrying what was a very large birthday present, I think it was a drone. The way she figured out which seat was vacant was by gently tapping with her stick. Eventually someone made way for her.  What courage it is to make your way to a big city, do shopping, and come back without being able to see anything. This is one more reason why I really can’t complain about my life when I see what others have to put up with.
the tide from the estuary is going out fast – see flow around the pole
I had some trouble with my stomach during this weekend. I have been troubled with acid for sometime but it’s come to a peak and I realise that I’m completely intolerant to acidic foods so out goes milk, cheese, tomatoes, some types of bread, coffee, some types of tea, most meat, and definitely no sugar and in comes greens, bananas, melons, rice milk,  and  a new range of food but I must still come to terms with. I realise how much I’ve abused my body over so many decades and I’m quite intrigued to know how it has suffered for so long without major complaint.

We managed to keep brexit at bay but everywhere it is,  so there is no escape. People talk and then groan.

Is this wake-up time?

Over the weekend I attended a conference on the corruption of the international corporations in which a relatively few people control the rest of us.  I could say that the whole world is one enormous corrupt corporation that cares nothing for its people. There are basically two streams of information on the planet. One is what is really going on,  and the other is the breadcrumbs that us Joe Public are fed and expected to believe.

I believe that the dumbest group of people on the planet are the average American who are so brainwashed with propaganda disguised as news, the damaging effect of vaccination, the effective fluidization in the water which calcifies the pineal gland, the education system which is only in name, the incessant pre programming of what is to come by showing violent films,  the effect of such poisons on the biology as glyphosate  not to mention the damaging effect on the body of mobile phones, smart meters and the dreaded 5G when it comes.

Alas,  the United Kingdom is not too far behind in the gullible stakes  but in some strange perverted way we are learning from what is going on in the USA and objecting against smart meters,  chemicals in food etc.    far in front of us in awareness is Russia who do not allow 5G,  and do not allow GMO in other words interference with nature.  That is one of the reasons why there is so much empty propaganda against Russia by America who invented sorts of stories without any foundation.  According to the USA, Putin is responsible for all the evils in the world.   This is a statement of supreme hypocrisy.   Anyone interested should do their own research. I don’t want you to believe something just because I say it. I want you to believe it because you have found it to be true.

The following videos are just an example  of control,  where governments declare war on their own people for reasons of power and profit.  I have picked 2 videos out of many. Take your choice.  Watch them or don’t watch them.  I have said this before but it is better to reach out and find out what’s going on and be prepared otherwise you will die frozen with fear.

The most selective fires in history

Weaponized Directed Energy Lasers (DEW) ~ The 101 Basics

Check out ‘’

it would be nice to have some dialogue from time to time with my readers. I know there are many. This diary is not written by a robot, but by a real live human person who does have views and dare I say it feelings and I would welcome some feedback to the often inflammatory material that I write here. How about it folks?  brian @ pobox . com  will get to me

Today I find myself slightly lacking in energy after quite a frenetic 5 days in London preceded by an equally frenetic 6 to 8 weeks putting my new community-based website together.  I guess it’s alright to be down, I don’t mean depressed, but I feel in need of a battery charge which nature will give me if I am kind to myself.

We went off to Bath today. I had my eye appointment and I’m glad to say I didn’t need an eye injection this time. We went round the famous Bath market where the quality of the goods are satisfactory to say the least but the rentals that the stall holders have to pay means that the prices are higher than they should be.  For the first time, the Odd Down park and ride car park was completely and utterly full and this is about 800 cars worth.  I had to seek refuge in the adjoining streets in order to park my car to go off to the hospital.

I am suffering at the moment from an acid stomach where the food just doesn’t want to stay down. I think I have an allergy towards gluten, lactose, and something else as well so I’m very careful monitoring my food to make sure that when I have an item of food that disturbs me I immediately noted down to be able to tell the doctor.  I’m coming to the conclusion that sugar is quite lethal.

Oh and if you really want to know what’s going on with the planet, check this article which I have cut and pasted from, Mike Adams the Health Ranger

TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse

Image: TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse

(Natural News) Now we come to the end game for humanity. This is it, folks: They have a plan to collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere… and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of “environmentalism.”

The scheme is called “global dimming,” and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that “chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to “save” us all from global warming.

“Stratospheric aerosol injection” now the new name for chemtrails / geoengineering

The global dimming scheme is, of course, based on spraying chemtrails into the upper atmosphere using thousands of high-altitude flights that release pollution to dim the sun. The very idea of “chemtrails” has, until now, been mocked by the media and the science establishment, who have for years claimed the very idea of chemtrails is a lunatic conspiracy theory. So they’ve changed the name to “stratospheric aerosol injection,” and they now have a science paper that outlines all the costs involved.

“We lay out a future solar geoengineering deployment scenario of halving the increase in anthropogenic radiative forcing,” writes Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner in their paper, “Stratospheric aerosol injection tactics and costs in the first 15 years of deployment.” Published in Environmental Research Letters, you can view the full text of the study at this link.

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Geoengineering is another term that many people use synonymously with “chemtrails.” And now it’s a strategy being openly advocated by scientists to halt so-called “climate change,” a fake science hoax that has been perpetrated on the world by power-hungry globalists who want humanity to surrender to global rule in the name of “saving the planet.”

The study cites the specific aircraft that would be needed to achieve chemtrails pollution. “[P]urpose-built high-altitude tanker with substantial payload capabilities” would be deployed to spray sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. The paper proposes 4000 flights a year, costing $2.25 billion per year, continuing over 15 years to make sure the atmosphere is significantly polluted to dim the sun and achieve the terraforming goals of globalists (see more details, below).

In the conclusion of their abstract, the study authors explain the program would require, “thousands of flights annually by airliner-sized aircraft operating from an international array of bases,” making it almost impossible to keep secret.

Of course, this very program has already begun, and secrecy isn’t necessary when you have the entire media and science establishment condemning any belief in chemtrails as a form of mental illness. So just remember: As they pollute the skies and dim the sun, if you point out that they’re polluting the skies and dimming the sun, you’re a “conspiracy theorist.”

And there’s no such thing as chemtrails, you see. Nope, it’s “stratospheric aerosol injection” now, which sounds almost sciency. That’s how this program is already being perpetrated right under our noses, right now, even while the media runs a global cover-up to dismiss such ideas as bizarre theories.

The global controllers hope you never read the science papers, of course, because there, geoengineering is routinely cited and even advocated as the “solution” to climate change.

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) explained… and yeah, it’s just another name for chemtrails

“Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) would require lofting hundreds of thousands to millions of tons of material each year to altitudes up to ~20 km,” explain study authors. They also ask, “Could it be done in secret?”

The study offers heavy discussion on the design and costs of aircraft that could deliver the planned pollution to the upper atmosphere:

IPCC (2018) states that ‘there is high agreement that aircrafts after some modifications could inject millions of tons of SO2 in the lower stratosphere (~20 km)’.

The overall goal of the geoengineering program is to inject 5 million tons of SO2 (sulfur dioxide, otherwise known as “smog”) into the atmosphere. Achieving that goal, “assumes a rational actor seeking to implement a scientifically sensible SAI program,” write the study authors, somehow claiming it is “rational” to disperse mass pollution across the atmosphere of your own planet. The same authors also claim this program must be conducted, “purely out of humanitarian and environmental considerations.”

Shocking realization: This is terraforming planet Earth to collapse the global food supply and kill off humans

In considering the sheer lunacy of the “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” plan, I feel compelled to state that these climate change / global warming scientists are dangerously insane sociopaths and they must be stopped before they murder us all. These lunatics, if given enough government funding, will literally murder our planet and destroy human civilization. Such is the cost of the decades of false propaganda in our public schools that has brainwashed children into believing “climate change” is real and must be halted. The schemes now being proposed to halt this non-existent problem will, themselves, bring about the global destruction that children are being warned about with global warming.

This global pollution / terraforming program, if allowed to continue, could unleash the following devastating consequences, especially if deployed at a time when the sun is in its own dimming cycle that would accelerate global cooling.

#1) Global collapse of food crops – The reduction in solar radiation caused by geoengineering, combined with the natural cycle of global cooling from sun cycles, could produce a sharp reduction in food crop production across the globe. This would result in increased food prices and reduced food supplies, adding to vectors for civil unrest and “climate refugees” invading First World nations to escape starvation.

#2) Global rise in cancer from vitamin D deficiency – Reduction in solar radiation reaching the surface of the planet would exacerbate vitamin D deficiencies that already strongly contribute to cancer fatalities around the world. Sunlight is currently the primary source of vitamin D for billions of world citizens. Dimming the sun would be a death sentence for millions each year who would suffer the dire consequences of chronic vitamin D deficiencies.

#3) Global drop in IQs due to increased air pollution – Increases in air pollution have been scientifically found to lower children’s IQs. In addition, air pollution is scientifically documented to damage DNA in the womb, increase the risk of ventricular arrhythmia and increase the risk of bone loss in humans.

#4) Massive loss of habitat and ecosystems due to decreased sunlight and colder temperatures – Entire ecosystems — such as rainforests — could be devastated by a pollution-initiated drop in solar radiation. Marine ecosystems also rely heavily on solar radiation to power the photosynthesis of ocean plants such as seaweeds, grasses and algae, which serve as a pillar food source for the entire marine food web. Dimming the sun would have devastating consequences for all ecosystems on the planet, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life, habitat and eco-diversity.

#5) Huge increase in global acid rain that will devastate forests and food crops – The mass injection of SO2 into the atmosphere will result in SO2 being dispersed into lower levels of the atmosphere over time. There, mixed with rain storms, it will create sulfurous acid, otherwise known as acid rain. This acid rain will devastate forests and food crops and result in the acidification of crop soils, destabilizing soil microbes and leading the widespread crop losses.

#6) Decreased plant production of oxygen that’s necessary for humans, primates and mammals to survive – Nearly all plants depend on solar radiation for photosynthesis, which uses CO2 as a “fuel” and produces oxygen (O2) as a byproduct. Reducing solar radiation through chemtrails pollution would reduce the production of oxygen by plants, resulting in a global fall in atmospheric oxygen levels, ultimately leading to the mass asphyxiation of humans, primates and mammals if allowed to continue. Even the EPA (see source below) admits that SO2 interferes with human respiration and makes it difficult for people to breathe.

Even the EPA recognizes sulfur dioxide as a dangerous pollutant that makes it difficult for humans to breathe

Note carefully that the geoengineering efforts being advocated to dim the sun are based on sulfur dioxide, a known pollutant. “Short-term exposures to SO2 can harm the human respiratory system and make breathing difficult,” warns the EPA. “…[G]aseous SOx can harm trees and plants by damaging foliage and decreasing growth… SO2 and other sulfur oxides can contribute to acid rain which can harm sensitive ecosystems,” the EPA writes.

In other words, it isn’t even debated whether sulfur dioxide is a pollutant. It’s smog (or technically, it reacts to create smog), and the very idea that mass polluting the atmosphere with SO2 would somehow “save” the planet is rooted in nothing less than advanced psychosis or some other dangerous form of mental illness. That such schemes are marketed under the banner of “science” just shows how twisted the institution of science has now become.

Why would any rational institution seek to mass pollute our entire planet and destroy food crops, forests, mammals, primates and humans? The answer is even more shocking than the proposal itself, it turns out. Keep reading, as one possible explanation for all this continues below…

It wasn’t long ago that scientists warned about “global cooling” and the coming Ice Age

It was only a generation ago that young scientists were being warned that Earth was entering a “global cooling” crisis that would bring about a whole new ice age. This was the climate panic of the 1970s and early 1980s. Today’s older scientists remember the warnings quite well. We were all told that if we didn’t find a way to warm the planet, we would all perish as Earth was turned into a ball of ice.

Beginning in the 1990s, the scientists flipped the script, reversing their warning and suddenly claiming the problem was too much heat. We were all going to die from global warming if we didn’t change something, we were told. A decade or so later, when it was revealed that government science scammers were faking all the warming data, they changed the scam to “climate change,” since they couldn’t scientifically support either warming or cooling.

Here’s the cover of TIME Magazine from 1977, which warns, “How To Survive The Coming Ice Age,” then urges readers to get on board to save the planet, saying, “51 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference.”

Today, we’re told the most absurd, insane things by these scientists who insist that the climate never changed at all before the year 1920, with the rise of the combustion engine and “human activity.” And now we’re constantly terrorized by the fake news media into thinking that if we don’t pollute the Earth’s atmosphere with smog, we will all somehow die from the rise of carbon dioxide, the No. 1 most important greening nutrient for plants, forests and food crops.

So now they’ve decided they have to poison the atmosphere to fight climate change, and they’ve got about a billion gullible world citizens convinced that this is somehow an amazing idea. What they would really unleash, of course, is absolutely catastrophic to all life on our world. Remember: They want to disperse billions of tons of sulfur dioxide (smog) into the atmosphere through massive government-funded chemtrailing of the planet. The question now emerges: Is the destruction of humanity deliberate? If so, who would hatch such a nefarious plan?

Geoengineering is a planet-wide weapon system being deployed to eliminate human life on Earth while terraforming the planet for some other purpose

Here’s the cosmic inconvenient truth that Al Gore doesn’t want you to consider. What we are really witnessing here is the planned terraforming of planet Earth for some other purpose. And by “other,” I mean other than human.

If you wanted humans to thrive on planet Earth, you would not unleash mass pollution, acid rain, food crop failures, oxygen depletion and global dimming. You would, instead, try to reduce pollution, support plant life, enhance food crop production and protect global ecosystems from pollution. That’s the normal, rational thing that any human being would naturally want to pursue.

Yet we are subjected to these nefarious geoengineering schemes that directly contradict every principle of sustainable life on Earth. And it’s all described as a way to “save” the planet, even as it would destroy global life support for humans.

I can’t help but be reminded of the outstanding film Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. In the film, the Cruise character thinks he’s protecting human civilization, but he’s actually (unknowingly) working for extraterrestrials who are stealing Earth’s resources and exterminating humans. The film is one of the best science fiction films of all time, and its story sounds eerily similar to what may be happening right now with so-called “geoengineering.”

Who (or what) would want to alter the atmosphere, decimate oxygen levels, destroy the food supply and collapse human civilization? The answer should be obvious: Something that is in competition with humans and sees no further use for humanity. Human life on Earth appears to be in the process of being “cleansed” in a cosmic ethnic cleansing scheme that will produce an altered, low-oxygen atmosphere that might prove advantageous to a life form which isn’t already part of Earth’s existing ecosystem. The reduction in solar radiation reaching Earth’s surface would make the planet more hospital to a life form that originated from a planet located farther from its home sun than Earth is from our own sun.

It raises the obvious, if bizarre-sounding, question: Are Earth’s globalists preparing the planet for a post-human era? And is that plan disguised as a “climate change” emergency course of action so that the sheeple can be told the mass pollution of the skies is a bold plan to save humanity rather than exterminate it? What if “climate change” is actually a cosmic false flag hoax that was designed from the very start to convince Earthlings to support their own extermination? Given the now-planned destruction of Earth’s atmosphere in the name of “climate change,” we must now consider such possibilities, no matter how bizarre they first seem.

Why are all the globalists suddenly talking about escaping to Mars and terraforming Mars into a habitat where humans can survive? Why are globalists now so desperate the alter Earth’s atmosphere and make the planet inhospitable to humans? Why such a recent focus on the Arctic seed vault to preserve the seeds of life in preparation for a global cataclysm? Why are so many globalist insiders building underground bunkers and living in them?

I don’t have the answers to all these questions, but I do know that the fairy tale stories we’re being told about “climate change” and how we must save the planet by polluting the skies are rooted in complete quack science fiction and brainwashing propaganda.

On the other hand, if humans are stupid enough to destroy their own planet in the name of saving the planet, perhaps they’re simply not qualified to participate in an intelligence universe after all. Natural selection, after all, is likely playing out on a cosmic scale, and Earth appears to be flunking the cosmic IQ test that wonders, “Hey, is that civilization stupid enough to commit suicide based on a fairy tale hoax?”

So far, it appears the answer for Earth and humans is a resounding “Yes!”

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